First Step in Gap Year – complete!

My person said the first step to her Gap Year was to invest in a bigger trailer.  John couldn’t believe it!  She loved her “green machine” boler.  They had it for 10 years, and had renovated it to become the amazing Green Machine.  We camped in it every summer, and Kim and John travelled all the way to Toronto with Faldo, Watson and Frazier many years ago.  Kim said that it had a lot of sentimental value – her Mom (my granny Linda), her dad and John spent hours on it.  She hugged it when she gave it up to two very nice people.  It sold in one day (I think she should have asked for more money – and bought me more treats!).

So……..out with the old……….Bye Bye Green Machine 😦 The little house on the prairie!

And…. in with the new:

IMG_0098See how it says “sold to very nice people” ?- those are my people!  John couldn’t believe Kim finally bought one.  Every year she had him take her to the dealership, and she would sit in a Minnie Winnie and never buy one……….this went on for 5 years (she takes a long time to make a decision – oh my goodness!).

We are very happy she did it!  There is more space – especially now that we are a family of 5….. 3 dogs need space.  And she made sure that there a pantry in it….. I think that is where she will put all of our treats and my sardines!

Stay tuned…..we will take this bad boy on the road (we still need to name it……Kim is stumped…..) Countdown is on – we leave next week.


“The future’s so bright, I have to wear shades!”


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