“Bean” there…..did that!

Ominous Clouds


Today is the day we finally hit the road! We started a day later than planned, but a big snow storm came through Saskatoon and the roads were too dangerous. What happened to spring? We left at noon today and it was smooth sailing!

We made it to Lethbridge, Alberta and are staying at the Quality Inn. (Kim said it is a bit too cold for us to stay in the trailer tonight).  We like it here! It is dog friendly and everyone is very nice. We met many new friends in the lobby – they all wanted to give us some pets! Levi was our greeter – I hid behind my person Kim 🙂

It was a travel day today….. so we didn’t have a lot of highlights – but there are always things to be grateful for – you just have to look….and see…..

Here are my top highlights for today…..

We made it to Alberta!

Made it to Alberta!

Just when we thought….oh oh!….  we are really, really low on gas…..we arrived at Bow Island, Alberta.  “Bean there – did that! ”  :).

Bow Island, Alberta

And….who doesn’t love McDonald’s fries :). See how patiently we wait….. oh my goodness, how thankful we are!

McDonald’s Fries are the Best!


I don’t always show it, but deep down I really do like John.  Especially in the truck! Kisses were plentiful today!

Giving John some love in the truck 🙂

And, how can you not love the Prairie Skies?  Road trips are the best!

The Big Beautiful Prairie Sky

Lots to be grateful for!

Tomorrow we are crossing the border!  Later!  🙂

4 thoughts on ““Bean” there…..did that!”

  1. hi guys and gal!!– love the pics and comments-that go along with them. im not so sure 4 thumbs up is good rating as when an animal is 4 feet up it is usually associated w being dead -just saying—-may have to stick w 2–or 6 if all puppets agree–2 thumbs each..

    lovely holiday–and yes-you need a few side trips to find the good stuff.

    be safe–enjoy the trip–and the destination.
    see you soon–miss you lil farts at dogtown.


    1. Hi Carol! Teddy here…..say hi to all of our buddies! We are missing our walks with them and will see them soon. We are having lots of fun……you are right , I’m going to start using 2 paws up. We are all “alive and kicking”


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