Big Sky Country Hello Montana!

p3260011Sunday  was a great day! We left Lethbridge around 10:00 am, and arrived in Dillon, Montana around 7:00 pm.

We thought it might take some time for us to get cleared at the border – but it was easy peasy!  The lady took one look at our cute faces and said have a good time!.  Hmmmm – they didn’t look at our papers or anything!  We must be very trustworthy.

Onward bound! We took Interstate 15 and it was smooth sailing!

Montana is very beautiful and diverse.  Big Sky, Canyons, Mountains… oh my goodness 🙂

Kim and John decided that if something looks interesting, we should take the opportunity to stop and stretch our legs, and check it out!  You know……enjoy the journey on the way to the destination?  Namaste 🙂

We stopped at a tiny espresso stand in Shelby for an Americano and a Latte.  I think it was a “drive thru” but we did a “walk up” :).  We also took some time to stop at a scenic lookout.

We haven’t made any plans for where to stay during our road trip…we just drive as far as we want and find a place to stop.  Last night, our stop was Dillon, Montana.  Kim loves this old town.  What a gem!  I think this is a really cool place too! Only 4000 people live here, and it was established back in the days when gold mining was a big deal.

We had no expectations – which is always a good thing – because that’s when you enjoy the surprises even more.  Downtown Dillon reminds us of an old Western town, and there is a hotel that looks haunted!  Kim sees many photo opportunities here, and John spotted a Mexican taco “bus” that we are going to check out.




Keep your eyes open and look around – the world is a pretty special, surprising place!

Teddy’s Treasures (things that I give 4 paws up and are thankful for):

  • Rest stops on the Interstate are awesome!  Many have dog runs for us 🙂
  • The KOA in Dillon is great!  The Beaverhead River is right beside our campsite. Great fly fishing here.  The KOA had a dog park for us!
  • Kim and John took us for a lot of mini walks.  We’ve seen deer, geese, and goats (there is petting farm at the KOA)

We are headed through Idaho and plan to stop in Utah tonight – catch ya later!

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