Southwestern Utah, Zion National Park!

Levi….such a poser!

Look at my buddy Levi…..can’t you just see what a great day he had!  We all had an amazing day….it was a busy one!

Here’s an update:

We made it to our RV park in Hurricane, Utah last night.  I think they call this city Hurricane because it is so windy!  It’s a very nice place and very close to Zion National Park.

We started the day with a long walk around our RV park and we met lots of friendly people.  Some people stay here for six months at a time.  Our neighbours love it here because there is a lot to do….hiking, biking and staying away from their cold weather back home in Idaho!  It was 23 degrees here today – I don’t think it is that warm back home in Saskatoon 😉

After our walk, we drove to Zion ….. it is amazing!  Lots of red cliffs and different kinds of landscape….we are definitely not in Saskatoon anymore.


Oh my goodness, I have never seen so many people before!  They must have known how special this place is and came to visit too. There were cars everywhere!

It turns out us furry folks aren’t allowed on most of the trails…..but we made the most of it!  We took a drive around some of the park, and went through a cool tunnel that was built in 1930 on the Zion- Mt.Carmel drive.  It was cut into the cliff and had 6 large windows that were carved too!  That was fun.

We still stopped along the way for some pictures!


Kim had her camera ready and saw an old truck on the side of the road…..I think it looks pretty cool.  It reminds me of the cartoon “Cars”!


Next up…..we decided to backtrack a bit ……and headed north on interstate 15 to exit 40 and the northwestern part of Zion.  We went on the 5 mile scenic drive in the Kolob canyons.  John was in his happy place…..road trip + coffee + Zion =


It’s Levi’s turn to share his “Levi loves” corner….here are a few things he is grateful for ❤️

1. The off leash park in Hurricane, Utah is the best!  It had a big watering dish and toys to play with.  Kim and John took us there tonight when the weather cooled off and we had the park all to ourselves!

2. My first trip to the Dairy Queen!  We all had some ice cream 🙂

3.  Meeting new people and buddies.  Everyone is so nice here…they all say good morning and give you big smiles, and treats too!

Tomorrow we are heading to Williams, Arizona.  It is on Route 66 where people get their “kicks” .  Not sure what that means, but we will find out!

Life is good!


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