Getting our Kicks on Route 66!

Seligman, Arizona

Route 66 is known as the “Main Street of America”.  It goes all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles.  When the Interstate Highways were constructed, Route 66 ceased to exist.  But, the good news is, a great group of people decided to bring it back!  What’s old is new again – we love nostalgia!  This is the “Mother Road” that passes through small towns and the Skeltons of towns.

Today we decided that we should take a “break” from long road trips and spend some time close by.  So…..Kim bought an awesome book called “Arizona Kicks on Route 66” and we drove about 45 minutes to Seligman, Arizona.  This town started it all – they convinced the state of Arizona to designate Route 66 a historic highway – and it is all history ;).

John’s favourite dessert is carrot cake – and Kim’s book said the best carrot cake is at Westside Lilo’s Cafe.  They didn’t share with us – but they said it was delicious – check out the size of that cake!

There were lots of cool shops here and old cars.    We had fun posing and taking pictures!

John always wanted to see an alien- he finally had his chance.  It may not be Roswell – but close enough – right?  🙂

Now, you have to look very closely at the sign on this old gas pump – lol – our chuckle of the day!


We had an awesome time.  Everyone is so friendly :). Lots of people stop and say hi, and tell us that they’ve had Shelties too.  We love the smiles that they give us, and we smile right back.  Life is good!

Later folks!  I think we are headed to the Grand Canyon tomorrow!


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