Sedona – Vortexes, Vistas and Scenery – oh my!

Cathedral Rock, Sedona Arizona

We loved Sedona!  It is a beautiful town surrounded by red rocks.  Sedona is said to be a very spiritual place, because of the vortexes.  Vortexes are energy fields, and there are a number of them around town that you can go and visit – even us furry kids!  We talked to a nice couple from New York.  Kim asked them if they were here for the vortexes.  They said they think the whole place is a vortex – it’s very calming and relaxing.  We agree!  We think getting out in nature is the real deal and everyone gets reconnected 🙂

We stayed here for 2 and a half days and John’s friend from LA came out to visit us.  He was fun!  Levi and Frazier loved to play with him and I thought he was pretty cool too 🙂

The first day we toured around town – John and Rob went for an ice cream cone – it must be a popular place, because they waited in line for an hour.  Kim had prickly pear ice cream – delicious!  We waited outside for the guys and had lots of people pay attention to us – lots of pets to go around!

Day 2 we went to the Bell Rock vortex.  It was pretty hot, so Levi, Frazier, me and Kim stayed in a shady spot and John and Rob kept on.  They said they didn’t feel any vortex “energy” but they said it was awesome.  While they travelled on, we met the couple from New York.  They have a Bull Mastiff and a dachshund – they shared their furry kids pictures with us.  Aren’t dog people awesome 🙂

After Bell Rock, we went to visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  This is a chapel built into the side of the red rock.  Amazing views from the top!

Sedona is very friendly to us furry folks!  Lots of people invited us into their stores,  we are allowed to sit on outdoor patios.  Everyone is very friendly!

At the end of the day – guess where we went! …….to the Sedona Dog Park.  The views are amazing… and they had toys and a watering station.  They had two sections to the park – one for little dogs and one for bigger dogs.  Levi went to both sides – because he just has to play with all of the dogs!  Frazier and I went to the little dog section and we all played with Zeus, the yorkie.  We give this park paws up!  Thank you Sedona!

Today was our last day in Sedona, before we moved on to an RV park in Camp Verde, a bit south of Sedona.  We went to Cathedral Rock today.  We had to stop again part way up in a shady spot with Kim.  John continued up to the top and took some pictures!

Sedona gets big paws up from all of us!  Dog friendly, beautiful scenery, and the best Dog Park so far!  We might not have felt the energy from the vortexes, but the energy from the people and nature was definitely there!

Paws up folks!  Catch ya later 🙂

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