New Mexico – Markets, Turquoise Trail and Albuquerque

Oh my goodness, does it get cold and windy here at night.  After a very windy evening, we woke up to temperatures of minus 1.  How quickly things change – by the afternoon it was 30 degrees – wow!

We started off today with a visit to the farmer’s market.  They didn’t allow us furry kids into the building, so Kim and John went to stock up.  They give the market two thumbs up.  There were many vendors selling baked goods, chiles, and veggies.  They bought some fresh bread, amazing goat cheese, and of course, John’s favourite – carrot cake!  I think they did pretty good!  There were also some very nice artists selling their goods in outdoor tents.  The farmer’s market is in an area called The Railyard- cool place!

Next we headed north of Santa Fe to the Buffalo Thunder Flea Market.  They were selling a lot of turquoise jewellery, pottery, and other stuff.  Kim found the metal agave sculpture my granny Linda wanted – score for us! This will be coming back to Saskatoon with us!

For my granny Linda – paws up!  We found one!

Next we ventured to the scenic byway called the Turquoise Trail.  This is a scenic and historic area encompassing 15,000 square miles in the heart of New Mexico, linking Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  You drive through the mining towns (of course – turquoise mining 🙂 ) of Cerillos, Madrid and Golden.  All of these towns have art galleries, crafts, and restaurants.  It’s a fun way to spend the day!

First stop – the town of Cerillos.  This is a very small, quaint town.  They filmed the movie Young Guns here in 1988. (that’s what the sign says!!). Kim and John were very excited – because, you know, they are stuck in the 80’s!

Very cool buildings in this town – we just had to pose for some pictures!

Next stop – the town of Madrid.  Madrid had many more shops and restaurants and was very busy.  Beautiful pottery – Kim had a hard time resisting!

We continued along our way, reaching Albquerque around 4:00.  John just had to stop at the Ducati dealership – because he loves bikes and trucks.  He wanted to see the new Ducati – I don’t think they have them in Saskatoon.  He was very happy to see it! (this picture is for his bike buddies!)


And….since we are in a different city, you just know we have to find an ice cream place.  Kim found this one on the internet.  It is a gelato place called Frost, and it just happened to be on Route 66!  Kim had chocolate peanut butter and cream cheese and John had salted caramel and black cherry – delicious!

We finished off our amazing day at the off leash park in our RV site. We met a very nice lady who said she quit her corporate job, sold her house and has been full-time RVing for a year with her dog.  Kim said that is her dream… I think she is seriously thinking that she can do it!  We think she totally can – she is inspired now and will talk to her tomorrow about how she makes it happen!  We are excited – let’s go on the road like the littlest hobos – we would be very good at that :). I can see it now!

We are going to stop at another town in New Mexico tomorrow called Taos, on our way to Colorado Springs.  It’s time to make our way back to Saskatoon – we sure hope the weather improves before we get there!

Later folks!  Thanks for joining us on our adventures!

New Mexico

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