Colorado Springs: Garden of the Gods

Hi everyone!  Teddy here :). Last night we made our way to Colorado Springs.  We decided to stay an extra day in Santa Fe – the winds were so high that we thought we were better off not to travel.  So we took a day off and refreshed our batteries – you can see what I mean……this is Kim’s idea of re-energizing.  I think she is right!



Kim said sometimes, you just need a nap – and we agree – see punk Levi in the front and me hiding in the back?  🙂

We made our way to Colorado Springs and are staying at an RV park called Garden of the Gods.  It is named for a local park that is close by and we think it is amazing.  Kim said this might just be the highlight of the trip.  It is so beautiful and was “unexpected”.  We travelled to Colorado Springs because the trip was only about 5 hours, and she thinks that is enough for one day……. that’s how we ended up finding this great spot!

Well…..we had a great time today exploring Garden of the Gods.  This park has been rated the #1 Park in the US by Trip Advisor and we agree!  It welcomes us furry kids – we can go anywhere here :). We started at the visitor centre and a very nice lady recommended a couple of trails for us to walk.  She said they aren’t meant for endurance, but they are meant for enjoyment!

Garden of the Gods is a public park that was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1971.  In 1879 Charles Elliot Perkins purchased 480 acres of land that included a portion of the present Garden of the Gods.  Upon his death, his family gave the land to the City of Colorado Springs in 1909, with the provision that it would be a free public park.  What an awesome idea!

John tried to push a big rock called the Balanced Rock…..he said he budged it – I think that maybe he did (or maybe not…  But he is pretty strong….

Balanced Rock, Garden of the Gods

So folks….if you are ever in Colorado, I highly recommend this park both for our persons and for our furry friends.  Big paws up! I think I may suggest they change the name to Garden of the Dogs!

Next on our agenda of the day…. we visited the town of Manitou Springs, which is very close to where we are staying.  This town is know for it’s mineral springs and mountain landscapes, dominated by soaring Pikes Peak.  It is also a tourist town full of shops, galleries, and candy stores – oh boy – Kim was happy to see the candy!  This was a cool little town to spend an hour or so exploring.  Kim found some jalapeño peanut brittle and some great “raw” chocolate  – Kim and John shared an iced mocha and some chocolates….. and of course, we posed for some photo opportunities.

Manitou Springs has a few water “fountains” on the Main Street.  John was very excited to fill up our water bottles…… until he had a drink.  It has C02 that comes from the underground spring.  Well – that was a big surprise.  Not John’s favourite ….. lol.  He said to Kim “This tastes bad- want to try it?”  I don’t know about you, but when someone says that – best not to try.  🙂

Our last stop of the day – the off leash dog park in Colorado Springs!  This is a great park in Bear Creek.  The best one we’ve seen in our travels!  It has an area for small dogs and one for large dogs.  It also has a creek running through it and an agility area.  Levi and Frazier loved running through the tunnels.  They had a great watering station for us too!  We give this park a very enthusiastic paws up!  Great job Colorado!

Our last note from Colorado……we saw lots of these around town – Kim said it might explain why so many people get the munchies here….. not sure I understand what that means 🙂

Here are a few odds and ends from our travels between Santa Fe, NM and Colorado Springs, Colorado:

And folks, when you see a Donut sign like this, you just have to stop.  Especially when it is called Lov N  Oven.  This is in Espanola, New Mexico.  Homemade donuts – John gives it 2 thumbs up.  Make sure to stop in at these small places – you just never know what will happen.

Thanks for sharing our adventures with us.  There are so many sad things happening in the world right now, that sometimes you need a little escape.

I wish everyone adventures and joy in their life and things that make you go “wow” and “paws up!”  Everyone deserves some happiness.

Later folks!  We are off to Casper, Wyoming tomorrow to our next stop.  Headed home to Toon town!

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