3 Weeks, 2 Provinces, 8 States, 7200 Kms

cropped-a915dd87-444c-4507-94fa-84bd980b5666.jpegWell, we did it folks!  Our first epic road trip in the Micro Minnie has come to an end…..but it is really just the beginning.  I get to plan our next road trip – Kim is giving me the control (kind of!).  We might just spend some time wandering our own province over the summer and maybe head down south when the winter starts to come… the best part about a gap year is there are options!

For now, it’s home sweet home!  Really – this is spring?  lol

Next week our persons Kim and John are headed to Vietnam for 2 weeks on an Intrepid vacation.  Levi, Frazier and I get to stay with Marge!  We are very excited to see her again – she takes excellent care of us.  We all started there you know….that’s how Kim and John got to be our people – they are very thankful!

So…..I’ll be blogging and keeping you up to date on their Vietnam trip.  There are lots of ways that Kim will let us know what is going on……emails, postcards….it will be awesome!

So……I think it’s time to reflect on what awesome things we did on our trip!

Time:  3 weeks

Distance:  7100 kms – wow!

Provinces:  Saskatchewan and Alberta

States:  Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota

Everyone’s personal highlights:

Teddy: Spending every day with my buddies and my people

Frazier: Ice cream and cold weather – his favourite places were North Dakota and Saskatchewan 🙂

Levi:  Meeting many people and getting lots of attention everywhere he went

John: The Grand Canyon and the hot weather – Sedona was also at the top of the list!

Kim:  Everything was awesome – the universe made it happen – we jumped in the trailer, took all the kids and went exploring. In a world that is full of negative news, it was great to see that people are friendly and amazing – there is still good in the world.  Can’t wait for the next adventure Teddy!

Stay tuned………..next thing you know it will be “Good Morning Vietnam”


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