Good morning Vietnam! Update from our persons..Kim and John

Hi everyone!  Frazier, Levi and I are hanging out at our friend Marge’s while our persons are in Vietnam.  We are having a great time, and they are too!

Kim sent me an update to share!

After 27 hours of travel, from Saskatoon to Vancouver, Seoul and finally Hanoi….they arrived at their hotel.   Everything went without a hitch, thanks to the wonderful people that helped them…..including intrepid travel.  They start their official tour on Sunday with intrepid….it’s a food and cultural tour.

But they didn’t wait to get started.   Today they took a tour with Urban Adventures (part of Intrepid) called Citadels, Karsts and Cycle.  They give this tour thumbs up!  They were the only two, so it was like a private tour!

After a 2 hour drive south of Hanoi, they arrived at a beautiful temple called Vua Dinh Tien Hoang.  Talk about history!  This is what they learned….this temple is dedicated to the first emperor of Vietnam, Dinh Bohinh (924-979).  He became the first emperor following the liberation of the country from the Chinese Dynasty….he unified Vietnam by defeating 12 rebellion warlords.  It is an amazing place….in a beautiful setting.

Next…..the cycling tour of the area…they loved touring the countryside on this easy 12 km bike ride….they couldn’t believe how beautiful it was!

Their cycling tour took them to a local home, where they enjoyed lunch….their first taste of authentic home cooked Vietnamese food.  John and Kim said it was awesome!  The hosts were very nice people…..take a look, delicious!


And to top the day off, they went for a boat ride to view the karsts.  The guide worked very hard, rowing the boat with her feet!  Amazing scenery and a couple of caves to go through.  Kim said it reminded her of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disney…..magical!

Well. That’s a recap of day 1…they must be exhausted! Kim told me they are doing a motorcycle tour of Hanoi tomorrow on some old vintage Russian military bikes….sounds interesting….

Stay tuned folks!  Have a paws up day!

One thought on “Good morning Vietnam! Update from our persons..Kim and John”

  1. too bad u not bk in Colorado w their lil green shops–since today is 4–20-ha ha
    viet nam looks gorgeous too– jungle. wow–to get invited into a home for lunch is special.
    getting warmer here–not that I like that at all–too hot to go out soon so have to wait til evenings–doglets heartily agree-stay w the a/c.
    enjoy–look forward to next adventure u have–be safe always


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