Hanoi Vietnam, the Good, the Bad, the Weird



Yep, that’s the saying of the tour Kim and John took today.  They absolutely loved this tour and if you are ever in Hanoi…..this is something that you need to do!   Kim found this on tripadvisor and it lived up to, and surpassed the excellent reviews.

This was a full day tour, on the backs of vintage Russian Morotcycles, circa 1940. They took the food, culture, and vintage motorbike adventures.  Kim and John said there is no better way to see Hanoi….they saw things that they never would have seen on their own, and they ate some amazing food along the way….this tour takes you where the locals go….and John was excited to be able to ride the motorcycle in the countryside…lucky guy!

Here are just a few of the highlights!

Right in the middle of chaos!  Hanoi is a city of 8 million people, and most get around on motorbikes.  Our guide Chin Chin said that there are driving rules in Hanoi, but no one follows them!  Everyone just drives everywhere!  Kim thought if this was Canada, there would be a lot of road rage!  But here, it all works!



A highlight of the tour included a visit to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.  This is an extremely important place for the Vietnamese people, and they will travel a long distance to come here.  The lineup to get in is 4 hours long.  Kim and John were lucky, because their guide Chin Chin had a former student who worked there, and he helped them skip part of the line.  They were very privileged to visit the site of “uncle Ho” as the locals call him, and who they attribute their country’s independence.



And…..this was also a food tour….Kim and John can’t get over how amazing the food is here!  They also explored some markets on the bikes too!



Travelling around Hanoi, they saw many things that only the locals might see.  This is a very big, diverse city with amazing people!  The countryside they visited is in the middle of town!

Dragons are important symbols for Hanoi
The countryside in the city
They let John drive!
Our guide, getting artistic!

john said Kim is crazy, because she stepped over the side of a bridge, and over a gap to stand in the middle of it….she said it was very scary….it was scarier getting back over to where he stayed behind…..but when you are in Hanoi, you have to do the things that scare you, just a little bit.  Don’t you?  Sounds like they are having some great adventures!  Later folks!



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