Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam……when it rains, you just keep going!







Xin chao! (Hello!)

After their overnight train, Kim and John arrived in Hue, Vietnam.  Hue is in central Vietnam and was the capital between 1802 and 1945.  It is a beautiful, lush city, well known for its history, and has been named a Unesco World Heritage site.  It is on the banks of the Perfume River, along which lie many monuments.

Kim and John spent an action filled day and a half in Hue… are just some of the highlights!

Their transportation today….motorbikes! They love to travel this way!  You can see more of the city and sights.






First stop….the pagoda of the celestial lady….Linh Mu Pagoda.  The seven story pagoda is the unofficial symbol of the city.  People come here to meditate with the Buddhists who make this their home.  Also at this site is the car in which  the Buddhist Thich Quang Duce was driven in.  He burned himself to death in 1963 in Saigon,  He was the first of many others, bringing  international attention to the plight of buddhists, in protest against the Diem regime.











Next…..a leisurely boat ride down the Perfume River,






Hue is known for their incense (because of the pagodas here) and their conical hats which the ladies wear.  They stopped for a demonstration and purchased some lemongrass incense.  The nice lady selling the incense had them at “good for mosquitoes”!  I think these might be burning on the patio this summer!






Next, they headed to the Tu Duc Tomb.  Tu Duc had the longest reign of all of the emperors, between 1848 and 1843.





And…..let’s not forget that this is a food tour!  They started the morning by having the Vietnamese traditional breakfast of Pho.  In Hue the soup is spicier, and they use bun, or vermicelli noodles…..Kim said she could have this everyday!  They sat outside at a local restaurant on teeny tiny chairs.





Lunch was at a monastery for a traditional vegetarian meal.  Many of the people in Hue are vegetarians.

And, last, but not least, dinner was at a local family’s home where our Intrepid group was welcomed to a traditional meal. This was very special and the food….amazing!





The meal capped off their day……they did have some rain in the afternoon during their city tour on the motorbikes, but as they say “the tour must go on… they put on some lovely (not waterproof) ponchos and headed out to see the beautiful Thanh Toan Bridge.  The Thanh Toan  covered bridge is a rare antique bridge with high artistic value in Vietnam. This is one of 2 bridges retaining the most unique architectures in the country today.

Lesson learned…..rain shouldn’t stop your day, and it made it a fun, local experience. An amazing time!



Okay folks, they are going to spend the morning in Hue and then it’s off to Hoi An for 3 nights…they have been busy!

Tam Biet (goodbye) ,  Hen gap lai (see you later)!



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