Cycling, Gardening, and Cooking in Hoi An…..bliss :)


Today was another great day in Hoi An….this time they spent a bit of time in the countryside on a cycling tour of gardens and headed back to the Morning Glory Cooking school.

But first, cocount coffee!  The group walked into the old town and stopped to sample the coffee…it tasted like a frozen latte- delicious!  I think Kim and John have decided that Vietnam has the best coffee they have ever tasted.  They are going to miss it when they come back home to Saskatoon….hey! Who is that dog in the pictures 😉


On to the bicycles and the countryside tour.

The food in Vietnam is amazing and part of this is because the food is so fresh and organic.  Kim said she wishes she had a garden like this!  Lots of herbs and veggies.  The local gardener showed them how they grow their gardens, and gave them chance to try it!

Next, the group cycled to a local family’s home where they grow bean sprouts to sell at the market.  A labor intensive job, that the daughter is responsible for.  She showed them how she does it….and they tasted the sprouts…so fresh!

Kim and John loved this tour, the people were amazing and the scenery incredible.  If only we had fresh veggies and herbs all year round!

Next they headed back to the Morning Glory Cooking school.  Kim and John made Bahn Xeo (Vietnamese pancake), mango salad, and marinated grilled pork salad rolls…they even got to make the rice paper for the spring rolls.  Kim said John needs to make this at home….he’s a natural 🙂

They also had a chance to watch a demonstration of the workers making the local noodles that are only found in Hoi An.   Kim tried to slice the noodles….I don’t think she will get hired anytime soon!  Lol 😂

The afternoon was then free time….so what did they do in their free time?  Massage for the low price of $14.  What a bargain, Kim said it was the best ever!  And then they went with another couple for beers…..sounds like the perfect way to end the day!

I wonder what they are up to tomorrow!

Have an amazing day folks!  🐾


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