From Chaos to Quiet….Ho Chi Minh City to the Mekong Delta





Well folks, it’s sad for Kim and John, but true….they are coming to the end of their Intrepid tour of Vietnam….but not before they have a few more adventures.  They are having a great time, but are also looking forward to coming home and picking up their furry kids!  That’s us!

Here’s the latest update from them!  After their amazing time in Hoi An, they hopped on a short one hour flight from Danang to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).   And, they thought Hanoi was busy!  Saigon has over 13 Million people, and they all seem to have motorbikes.  It’s a busy city that tests your patience and courage, which you need just to cross the street! Kim and John felt like they were playing the video game “frogger” remember that one from the ‘80’s?  They made it in one piece! At least they didn’t go…splat!

When they first arrived, their guide Hue took everyone to see a few sites in the city.  They saw the Notre dame cathedral and the post office.

Kim and John both agreed that the most impactful visit they had was of the War Remnants Museum,  which was all  about the Vietnam/American war.   It had many artifacts and photographs of the war.  It also had photos of the next generations that were affected by chemical warfare.  It was very sad and Kim said she learned a lot.  Many citizens, over 3 million were harmed and killed in this war.  A lesson to be learned by all of us.

The group then had a bit of free time before they headed to the Cooking school “Grain” for their final lesson.  Kim and John loved all the schools-this one was their favorite of the three.

The cooking classes at Grain are designed and coordinated by Vietnamese-Australian celebrity chef Luke Nguyen. Four-course menus change regularly to reflect seasonal produce.  Kim and John made pumpkin flowers stuffed with prawn and dill, chicken and cabbage salads with jellyfish, and marinated sea bass with a green mango salad…..for dessert, cocount creme caramel with fresh fruit…..aren’t your mouths watering?  I know mine is!  🐾


The next morning they left the hectic pace of the big city and headed out to the Mekong delta.  After a 2 1/2 hour road trip, they took a Samoan boat for about 30 minutes to the delta.  They visited an eco bee farm where they sampled the honey and had tea and toured a coconut farm to learn how to made coconut candy and goods from the coconut fibers…..they bought some honey to bring home 🙂



Next up….they took tuk tuks, Vietnamese style to their delicious lunch and then on to their home stay.  Beautiful flowers, scenery and way of life




The fruit and produce in the delta is amazing!  Kim and John tried jackfruit, apple custard, and the dreaded, stinky Durian…..which John didn’t like, but Kim did….she said it tasted like custard…..once you get past the smell!


They loved this visit to the delta…it was too short.  They would have loved to have seen more of the natural settings and the animals…..good reason to go back to Vietnam I think 🙂

Until next time…have a paws up day folks!

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