Chillin’ in Toon Town – We’re back!

IMG_0054Howdy folks!  It seems like we’ve been on hiatus for the past few weeks :). Time for an update!

Kim and John had a great time travelling and have been back for a few weeks now.  We had a great time at our friend Marge’s – she takes great care of us.

As soon as Kim got back, she got bit by that darn travelling bug and has booked a trip to Morocco in September. She is very excited to go with Intrepid Tours again and she will be also visiting Amsterdam on a “layover”.  She might be doing this one on her own…..John might have to work.  She is very adventurous!

In the meantime, we are happy that Kim and John are back – that means more time with us!  We have been very lucky – with Kim having time off, we get to go to our favorite off-leash park in Saskatoon.  It’s between Riverside and Saskatoon Golf and Country clubs – Whitecap Park.  Kim takes us twice a day, and sometimes we meet up with our other friends and their “persons” Carol and Mary.

Here are a few pictures – isn’t it an awesome place!  Next week we are going to go Rving!  Time to explore our province and see some new places.


We are enjoying Kim’s gap year!  She started volunteering at the International Women of Saskatoon and is having a lot of fun.  She is assisting with English as an Additional Language and will be helping with some youth programs in the summer.  She also has “punk” Levi enrolled in agility.  He had a great time yesterday going over the A-frame and dog walk.  He’s a real smarty pants!

We are looking forward to going camping and this week we have some of our family in town… we will be busy visiting.

We are so grateful for friends, family and experiences.  Have a paws up day everyone!  Talk soon:).

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