YXE, You Scream, We Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream


Howdy folks!  One of our favorite things to do in the summer in Saskatoon is to go for ice cream! Kim thought we would post after we visited a bunch of spots in Saskatoon, but we just couldn’t wait to share, so we will share as we go!

If we are honest, I think Kim and John say that it’s the furry kids that 💗 love  ice cream……but they 💕 it too!

First stop…the iconic Dairy Queen on 8th Street!

We love this place!  We get to walk up to the counter with Kim and John to order the treats.  Kim always gets a hot fudge sundae and John usually gets a pecan mudslide.  After they get their order, we go across the street and find a spot on the grass.  We wait patiently, and then they share the vanilla ice cream with us…delicious!  We are very good at taking our turns.  We also love that folks give us lots of attention …..pets and Smiles!

Our next stop… the Ice Cream Scoop at the Avalon Shopping Mall on Broadway.

The Ice Cream  Scoop is open everyday from 3-8 pm.  Kim loves this place because they have hard ice Cream!  She usually gets peanut butter cup or cookie dough.  Last time John got a sundae.  He also really likes their ice cream sandwich!  Fresh baked cookies, with your choice of ice cream!

Frazier, Levi and I  love that it is pet friendly and they give free pup cones!  That’s me, enjoying my vanilla cone!  They are so friendly here..  and bonus – Kim and John take us to the Avalon dog park after we get ice cream…..life is good….


Have a pawsome day everybody!


Triple threat at the Golden Hour


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