2 Weeks post SCAD – Stopping to smell the flowers :)

57B84A82-BF7F-4B26-91FC-68A7B8EB807FHowdy folks!  Well it has been almost 2 weeks since Kim had her heart attack – that darn SCAD (spontaneous coronary artery dissection – that’s a mouthful)!  She may have overestimated a “tad” that she was at 100% – but she’s getting closer to it every day!  She was discharged from the hospital on June 15th, with a stack of prescriptions in her hand. She is being treated with medications – 5 in total – wow!  She bought one of those pill things that helps her organize her week :).

Kim is doing really well – and we are helping her with that!  Some of her meds make her very tired – so we help her out by taking afternoon naps with her (aren’t we helpful!).  She also needs to take it easy on her walks – making sure to take it slow, and stopping if she needs to……    So, we are teaching her the importance of stopping to smell the roses!  You know us furry kids….there are always lots of great “smells” on our walks – so she lets us stop and check out the “daily news!”.  It gives her a chance to slow down, look around and see all of the amazing things that we all sometimes miss.

So…..we really are stopping to smell the flowers. At our dog park, the wildflowers seemed to “pop” out of nowhere – beautiful!


Even Levi found that slowing down reveals some surprises…..first time he has seen some paddle boarders – he was very intrigued…….


Our favourite word over the last couple of weeks is “grateful”.   Kim is so blessed to have amazing friends and family who have supported her over the last couple of weeks – their texts, messages, visits and well wishes have been just what the doctor ordered!  We are so grateful to everyone.

Big “shout outs” to all of her friends and family including, the Hiking Chicks, The Funny Farm Girls, Kim’s Virtual Instructors (the Dream Team),  Mr. and Mrs. Hill (love you guys!) who she has know for 30 years – oh my goodness!,  and of course her Bestie Bern ( is it 15 years Bern?).  And we can’t forget all of her colleagues who she is honored to call friends.  There are so many of you, and Kim is so grateful for your friendship.  Every single one of you has been a godsend.

And….big thanks to our family – both extended and close.  Granny and Grandpa have had lots of things happen to them this year, and they sure didn’t expect this one….they are our rock (and our overprotective persons!).  And we are thankful for Kim’s sis, Janelle,  – who researched what the heck SCAD is and supported her throughout.

And…last but not least – to our other significant person – John. Without him, Kim might not have gotten help so quickly – but most of all he is the most generous guy we know…..calm in the face of scary things, always taking care of us, and always with a positive, kind word.  He’s the best!  And… he always gives us treats…….



So – big thanks and paws up to everyone!  We are enjoying every minute and having a great time!

Let’s end with a big smile and a Sheltie Selfie – that’s my goofy brother Frazier on the left and me on the right.   And there’s Kim –  we think she’s 95% and well on her way to 100%!


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