Bonjour Quebec!

Gallery window Montreal

Meadow lake provincial park

Hi folks! It feels like we have been on hiatus. We are having an amazing summer with our persons….we go for two walks a day, to the whitecap dog park! And we’ve been out camping! This picture with Kim is at Meadow Lake! We are so lucky!

As you can see….this isn’t Quebec! Our person Kim and her Mom are there now exploring Montreal and Quebec City. And while they get to go travelling, we get to stay with our friend Marge 😀. All three of us, including punk are here, having a great time…..

Kim is also having lots of fun! She was invited to a colleagues retirement party in Montreal and was inspired to go see the sites! So off she went……here’s what started it all…..surprise Line! Happy retirement and congrats on 40 years with the bank! Wow!

Congratulations Line on your retirement!

On the first day, Kim and Linda went on a food tour in Old Montreal with Local Montreal Food tours. They loved this tour….it had a good mix of history, starting off in an old Royal Bank building, combined with some amazing food.

Here we go…..I think you might be hungry after seeing these pictures!

First stop…Crew Collective & Cafe for a Fairmont Bagel with smoked salmon, capers and cream cheese with a small salad…

Old royal bank building. Crew cafe
Stunning building!

Next a gluten free bakery called Cookie Stefanie for carrot cake (Johns favorite, he would have loved it)….

Next stop Tabernacle, a Portuguese tavern for poutine! So amazing….topped with gravy, cheese curds, chorizo and Portuguese chicken….my mouth is watering already….do think they can bring me some?

Next….Bistro-Brasserie Les Souers Grises, a microbrewery … tasting …Kim’s favorite and it was paired with smoked duck and a wild boar and blueberry sausage…yummy.

And last, but not least they stopped for poor man’s pudding at Soupesoup. Kim and Granny give this tour “paws up!”

Folks, sometimes the best things you see when you travel are those that you didn’t expect. Kim and Linda did lots of walking on their first day. They were trying to find the place to pick up their tickets for a show on Thursday night……they found the place they thought they were to go… but it turns out they couldn’t get the tickets there. But they found a few surprises….art installations and unique architecture along the way. And Kim said they walked over 15,000 steps…wow! I guess they burned off all of that food. Lol!

Here are a few pictures from their day 1 adventure! So folks….take your time. Slow down and look around…..the adventures await! Later!🐾🐾🐾🐶🐶🐶

Almond and chocolate croissant

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