Montreal……continued 😀



Founders of Quebec….the nice lady at the base of the statue was recognized as the cofounder in2012! Way to go Montreal!

Howdy folks! Well, day 2 was another jam packed day for Kim and my granny Linda. They started off the day with a visit to the beautiful botanical gardens. They found a great taxi company called Tea, which is like Uber. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy….step 1 put in your destination, step 2 they come get you, you’ve already paid through the app…you get out at your destination….done…Isn’t technology wonderful!

Linda loved the tropical greenhouses, with all of the air plants and herb and spice trees. Kim thought the Japanese and Chinese gardens were awesome! Paws up folks….if you go to Montreal, go here! Here are some pics!

After the gardens, they walked to an artsy area of Montreal called Mile End. While they didn’t do a food tour here…..they cheated, looked at a food tour site and visited a few of the same places. What can you do? This is quebec, foodie capital and you must go to the infamous spots…..

First stop….the infamous 24 hour bagel places…oh my goodness…bagel heaven!

Next up, a “taster chocolate”. A small one was $3.00. Kim had a pecan maple chocolate….it was small but was so delicious! Worth it!

Next, they stopped at a butcherie  and picked up some meat and cheese….and a nice lady coming out of the shops recommended a restaurant on the corner…..well, Kim and Linda said the food was awesome… it redefined ” small plate”. Lol….Kim’s mackerel was the smallest thing she ever saw for $8. Let’s just say, she was still hungry…..maybe hangry. Lol

Time to jump in a Téo taxi and head back to their air b n b…..and get ready to head to the show Aura at the Notre Dame Basilica……an amazing light show… said it was like church “Disneyland”. One of the best things she has ever seen! You must do this in Montreal….Kim was very moved by the show and it made her feel blessed and grateful. If you get a chance, do this! A show of lights and music. Amazing!

Before the show, my favorite people had a chance to take some pictures outside the basilica…so many amazing things to see…okay….now this might seem an interesting way to end the day….but Kim loved this….supper at the bar St Pierre….a couple of glasses of house wine…Kim had the beef tartar and Linda had the happy snack…steak sandwich. Kim said this was the best meal to date…..I think granny was getting tired of her saying “omg, this is delicious”. Gotta love it!

well, they are now off to Quebec City via the train….stay tuned folks! Have a pawesome day 🐶🐶🐶🐾🐾🐾


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