Vancouver….solo trip but not alone :)


Howdy folks!   Well, Kim is on the road again….she sure doesn’t let any moss grow underneath her feet these days!  From one end of our beautiful country to the other!

She is in beautiful Vancouver and this time she decided to make this a solo trip!  I think she is pretty brave, or maybe crazy? 😜. What prompted her to go to Vancouver?  There is a SCAD conference on Friday and Saturday at the Hospital and patients could go!  Remember our scare with SCAD…that nasty little heart attack incident?  Well….she feels 100%, but thought this is a great opportunity to learn more.  There will be specialists, cardiologists and other patients there!  Kim has volunteered for their next study to help them learn even more about this rare heart attack.


So….she decided…if going to Vancouver for the conference….a person really needs to make a trip out of it, especially in a gap year….and I think she’s right!

She arrived on Thursday morning, took her bags to the hotel…and immediately left the building. Lol!   Off on the subway to Canada Place to tour around on the Hop On, Hop Off bus.   I think they should rename this for Kim to the Stay On bus!  She went on both the Park tour…to Stanley Park and the beaches and the City Tour.  The weather was great, although a bit hazy from the smoky forest fires.  She loves these tours…says it is a great way to know the city you are visiting.

Isn’t Vancouver amazing! Here are some of her pictures from the open air bus…..she loved the park tour….she could smell the delicious roses and the fresh trees in Stanley Park!  I think she is doing a cycling tour there on Sunday 😉


And…..I could have predicted this one….next tour for Kim….yep, you guessed it a food tour!  She told me that this food tour might be the best one she has ever done and highly recommends it!  The tour group is called Vancouver Foodie Tours and their guide was Miguel.  He was awesome!  In the tourism industry for 14 years….he has been to 16 countries in the last 6 years and said his favorite place for food is Peru….hey, that is Kim and Johns favorite too!  He must be very smart :).  Kim said Miguel is also a stand up comedian in Vancouver.  He made the tour in Gastown a great time.  If you go to Vancouver, you must do this!

Well folks, that was a busy, jam…food filled day!  Kim made it back on the subway to her hotel….. but not before she made one last stop….

Now, this is kind of interesting (at least she thinks it is…lol). Shows how small this world can be.   When she was in Quebec she bought a new vintage looking wallet….this company also sells backpacks and she really wanted one for travel, to take on the plane….so she bought one online….isn’t it cute?

Anyway….she read that these are made in BC and wouldn’t you know it, the one store they have, opened in June in Gastown…so after her food tour she went in and checked it out….she may have made a purchase 😉.  She chatted with the gal and told her that she is from Saskatoon.  Well, the gal said “did you know Herschel is a town in Saskatchewan?”  Turns out the owners of the company are from there and now live in Vancouver….cool!

Well that’s it for now!  Kim’s off to get schooled at the conference for the next two days.   Have a pawsome day!

Almost forgot……Kim said this might be a solo trip, but never alone…what does that mean?  Well, I asked her and she said she’s met some great folks on her tours and as she has been out and about…and they are from lots of different places…the UK, Ireland, even Canada 😉  you just need to start the conversation….novel idea!  Everyone is looking to make a connection, give it a try!  (She still misses us though!)


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