Getting schooled on SCAD in Vancouver

Well folks, Kim just attended the first VanSCAD conference at the Vancouver General Hospital.  This group of amazing doctors are doing some of the best research in the world, led by Jacqueline Saw.  There were over 200 attendees….50 of which were patients from across Canada!  There were specialists from around the world, focusing on this rare heart attack, trying to figure out the “whys”.    Kim said there are still lots of questions and not a lot of answers.  The awesome news is that more attention is being placed on scad and more collaboration in research.  For now, it appears that 4% of heart attacks are SCAD….but it’s very under diagnosed, and there is a 20% chance of reoccurrence..  Patients are their own best advocates and they don’t “fit” the traditional heart attack patient profile….they are typically younger, they are healthy…and there are no indicators for many of them….Which leads to a greater level of anxiety with the  survivors and questioning why.  Stress appears to be a significant underlying cause and FMD for some.

Kim said one of the best parts of the conference was meeting others that went through the same thing she did…..she even met a kindred spirit, named Kim from Saskatoon….what’s the chance? I think that is awesome!

Well, not only do they have the same name, and live in the same city….but they also have a love of food… Kim, Kim, and their fellow SCAD sister Cheryl from BC….all foodies enjoyed an awesome meal of Indian Food at VIJs.  And lucky them, they met celebrity chef Vikram Vij….check it out!

Kim said this was one of the best meals she has ever had…..dessert was coconut pudding. Over wine, the gals decided the underlying cause of SCAD is their type A personalities   😂

Kim was grateful to be able to attend the conference, and excited for the future!

Just a reminder… didn’t cause and doesn’t  affect her condition, so view the next picture with an open mind…   Kim had to go get a hotdog at Japadog!

This is the location on Robson Street….very small and very busy!  Quite a difference from last night! Their motto is “making the world happy and alive through hotdogs”!  I think she looks pretty happy….she should bring me one! Kim had #1 on the menu called Terimayo…teriyaki sauce, mayo, and seaweed.  Delicious!

Kim has moved on to an air B and B in Yaletown….close to some great restaurants and the sea wall…great location.  Her friend Carol gave her a  bakery and seafood restaurant recommendation….stay tuned for more food blogs!

Tomorrow she is going on a cycling tour….fingers crossed the rain stays away!

That’s  it for now folks!  Levi, Frazier and I are having a great time at Marge’s while Kim eats her way across Vancouver 😉 catch ya later!


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