Thank you Vancouver! First solo travel comes to an end…what Kim has learned 😀


Well folks, Kim is on her way home today and we are excited to see her!  John and Kim are picking us up today from our friend Marge’s.

Kim had a great time on her first “for fun” solo trip….work trips don’t count, right?  Lol

She was a bit nervous to go on her own….but she said it was awesome and she has some tips to share … is what she learned this time around:

  1.  Where you stay is important….pick a place that you will be comfortable in and in an area of town that is convenient.  She stayed first in a hotel, walking distance to the conference she attended and then moved to an air B and B that was in a great area.  The second spot was walking distance to great restaurants and to public transportation.  The Subway station was close by as well as the passenger ferries  🙂
  2. Get to know the area you are staying in.  She said the hop on hop off buses were awesome!  You get “your bearings” of the city and will get more comfortable of where you are.   When you get to your accommodations….grab your map and your phone (google maps) and go explore…..find out where the grocery is…and where is the subway station?  This helps gain your confidence
  3.  Book tours!  Kim loves walking tours and food tours….surprise, surprise😀😜.  Tours are a great way to meet people and to learn more about the place you are visiting.   On a food tour, you never eat alone…..pretty great!
  4. Don’t overbook tours….leave yourself free time….that way if someone tells you about something you don’t want to miss, you can do it!  This is how Kim ended up at the Museum of Anthropology and at some great bakeries and restaurants!
  5. When the group heads out for drinks after a rainy cycling tour…go!  It doesn’t matter if you are on your own and they are couples…..everyone is a traveller and anxious to share their experiences.
  6. If you can,  sit at the bar in a restaurant.   Kim met some great people at the bar….be brave and start the conversation!  She found out a lot just by asking if it was their first time to Vancouver….and she shared the tours that she loved.  Pay it forward folks!
  7. Just Do It! 😀👍

Kim’s last day was jam packed!  Here are a few highlights!

Close to her air B and B is this amazing bakery, Small Victory…..John saw these pictures and put in an order…lol….some of these will be coming home to Saskatoon!

Next, the amazing Museum of Anthropology.  Kim highly recommends a visit here, and to take advantage of the free guided tours.   This is a great way to learn about Canada’s history and the History of our First Nations.

Supper was at Blue Sky Cafe…..a top seafood restaurant in Vancouver.   You guessed it!  Walking distance from Kim’s place, and she ate at the bar.   She met a nice couple, visiting from New York!  The food was awesome ….sushi, scallops and bread pudding dessert! Delicious:)  She may have had some wine and port 😉

And to end the day…..a tour by Forbidden Vancouver.  This tour group tells the history of Vancouver through acting and storytelling.   Kim went on the Gastown tour which took them down the dark alleys of the area.  She said it was a unique way  to learn some “personal historic accounts” of how Vancouver came to be.  Their guide did a great job transporting them to the 1800s.

Well, that’s it for now folks!  Thanks for joining us….we wish you a pawsitive day and lots of great experiences!  Later 🐾🐾🐾

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