Nova Scotia – North Shore to South Shore

Well folks, the Maritime trip has officially come to an end!  But not before Kim spent a couple of days on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, using Wolfville as her base, and then a couple of days on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, staying in Mahone Bay.   Although the weather was pretty windy and rainy, Kim made the most of it!.

She loved all parts of Nova Scotia, and here are just a few of the highlights!

Let’s start with the North Shore.  Kim made her way from Halifax and drove all the way out to Digby, Nova Scotia.   On the way there, she stopped in the town of Annapolis Royal.

Annapolis Royal is steeped in history.  It evolved from the 1605 French settlement of Port Royal and was renamed in honour of Queen Anne following the Siege of Port Royal  The town was the capital of Acadia and later Nova Scotia for almost 150 years.  While the historic site of Fort Anne was closed for the season, Kim still took the time to wander the site as well as take in the self-guided walking tour of the historical buildings.  She also visited the historical gardens.   Here are a few of the beautiful spots she saw.

After wandering the town, Kim made her way to the town of Digby. – to partake in their famous Digby Scallops.  She stopped in at the restaurant Crowsnest, for scallops 3 ways – 3 ways delicious!  Deep Fried, Pan Fried, and Bacon Wrapped 🙂

This was a pretty windy and rainy day…….so Kim headed to Wolfville where she was staying for two nights.  The sun started to “peek out”  – time to head to Hall’s Harbour , about 30 minutes away, to check out low tide.  While there, Kim stopped in for lobster dinner at the Lobster Pound.  She heard the lobsters from the Bay of Fundy were the best ones!  She tried them out – and she said it’s true!  They were out of medium lobsters so they gave her a large for a medium charge.  Really folks?!?  Shouldn’t I have been there to help her finish off that lobster – I love fish!

The next day, I think Kim figured she had better burn off some of that food she ate!  Lol :). Time to head 30 minutes out of Wolfville to hike Cape Split.  This was a 12 kilometre hike – 6 kms in, and 6 kms right back.  Her “ticker” was glad that it was mostly flat, with little elevation gain.  The hike was mostly in the trees, but she said it was beautiful with all the fall colours.  The reward was at the end……steep cliffs.  Kim said this is no place to take selfies – haha!  She found a kindred spirit to take her picture.  It took her about 3 hours in total to finish this hike – she said it deserves paws up!

The next day Kim was off to the South Shore.  She was a bit nervous about the drive, because there was a massive rainfall warning.  That darn Hurricane Michael was to bring 40 mms of rain to Nova Scotia.  Kim decided to drive early in the day, to try to beat the rain.

First stop…..she drove to the town of Birchwood to visit the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre.  She spent about 2 hours touring the centre, which is dedicated to telling the story of the world’s largest free African population outside of Africa, in the late 18th century in Nova Scotia.  This was an incredibly interesting centre, and Kim gives it thumbs up!

While on the South Shore, Kim also visited the Unesco town of Lunenberg.  She visited the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, learning about the history of the fishing industry (and the importance of the cod) and she also took in a walking tour, which expanded upon the history of this town.  Lunenberg was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1995.  This designation will ensure the protection of it’s architecture – it is the best example of a planned British colonial settlement in Canada.   It’s a beautiful site, very historical. And she did some shopping “damage” there.  There are a lot of great galleries and artisan shops.

And of course, no trip to Nova Scotia would be complete without a visit to Peggy’s Cove.  Kim said it was cold and windy here – but that meant that the waves crashing in were spectacular.  You can’t control the weather folks, but you can control the appreciation for the power of Mother Nature!  And….different weather means pretty cool photographs – wouldn’t you agree?

Well folks……That’s the end of Kim’s 3 week solo trip.   She said she is so grateful for the opportunity to visit our Maritime provinces.  She met so many wonderful people along her trip and loved travelling on her own.

But……..she also is very grateful to be home.  John picked her up at the airport today and they came straight by to Marge’s to come and get us!  We loved our time with Marge – she took such great care of us, walking us every day and making as look all handsome – baths and all!

We are all back home again and have already gone for our daily walks – we are one big happy family.    Thanks for sharing our adventures with us!  Where to next?  Time will tell……

Triple threat at the Golden Hour



3 thoughts on “Nova Scotia – North Shore to South Shore”

  1. Awesome trip! Awesome photos. Too bad the weather wasn’t better for you but that is all out of our control! Glad you are home safe and sound.


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