Wandering in Saskatchewan – Crooked trees and Aliens?

Howdy folks!  Well as you can see, we hit the road again.  I’m having a lot of fun – as you can tell by that big grin on my face :).  We had a very busy day today, and we started a bit early.  Our goal – to see the crooked trees and make it back in time to join all of our buddies for our afternoon walk at Whitecap Dog Park – can you believe we did it all :0).

First off, Kim was determined to start early to get a coffee and a cinnamon bun.  So we headed out at 9:00 am – it was still only -1 degree in Saskatoon – so Kim put on her downfill jacket and toque and we all jumped in the Jeep…….. and headed to Honeybun.  OMG – look at that gooey goodness cinnamon bun.  Of course, she also got an Americano to go :). Kim said this cinnamon bun was delicious and that I need to give it paws up! And she’s right!  If you are in Saskatoon and craving a cinnamon bun, go here!

Okay – Kim was finally all set to go and we headed out to the Crooked Trees.

It took us about an hour to drive to the trees, which are close to the town of Hafford, Saskatchewan.  It is a small grove of aspen trees that are all bendy – you know –  crooked – lol 🙂

There are a lot of theories on why they are so crooked – the most likely cause is that it is genetic, but we like the theory that it is paranormal, most likely caused by aliens…..that’s much more interesting, don’t you think?  We had fun walking the boardwalk here and checking it out.  Very interesting stop on our road trip!

After our visit to the crooked trees, we did a quick stop in Battleford.  Many things were closed for the season, including Fort Battleford, a historic site, and the museums.  We stopped for a few photos and Kim said this is a place we need to come back to, when we have more time to explore!

Time to head back to town and meet up with our buddies at the Whitecap Dog Park.  We walk with this pack almost every day and we love it!  Here are a few of our furry friends! These are just some of our friends, there are over 12 of us most days!

Well folks!  Thank you for joining us on our adventures.  It’s been great exploring in our own backyard!  You just never know what you are going to see.  Especially the way Kim travels – she uses a GPS and we always go down some off-beaten paths.  That’s all part of the adventures….at least that’s what she says.  You know how they say “Those who wander are not lost” – well Kim is lost sometimes. lol 🙂

Later!  Teddy

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