Rock the Kasbah! Kim and Bern are headed to Morocco 🇲🇦


Howdy folks! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on Kim’s travels…not since her last 3 week adventure to the Maritimes…..but here she goes again! Isn’t she lucky….

She left on Tuesday and after almost 24 hours, she and her bestie Bern made it to Morocco…Kim said that’s in Africa. Isn’t it amazing how you can be in Canada one day, and the next day on a new continent!

She and Bern said it was a long day, but they made it without a hitch. Kim flew first to Calgary and then they flew through to Amsterdam, France, and finally Casablanca, Morocco. Kim watched 3 movies (Bohemian Rhapsody for the 2nd time….she loves Queen!) and they had some good meals on the plane…not kidding! And some red wine….on their flight to Amsterdam, their KLM bunny mascot joined them and Miffy just might pop up on Instagram. Lol 😆


The trip hasn’t been without some interesting events…the customs line at Casablanca was very long and the taxi ride took an hour and a half…..but, there were some good things that happened too….Kim’s luggage showed up….yippee! And…they met some very nice people that were in the taxi with them…one lady from New Zealand and a man and his daughter from Chicago. They were going on different tours with Intrepid and stayed at different hotels, but they quickly made friends and had a lively conversation.

Next stop Bern and Kim’s hotel, where they were taken to a bedroom with a king size bed, lol! Now, Kim and Bern like each other but….they got a new room with 3 twin beds. Kim said it’s not luxury, but it’s good….very dark at night, so she got a good night’s sleep!

They wandered out for dinner and ended up at a place that Kim said was like a local fast food joint….they are hoping that their other food stops are better than that one….not high on their list!

Back at the hotel, they had mint tea…..which is a very strong custom and tradition here. The tea was delicious and came in a silver ornate teapot. Kim gives it paws up! And…they met a guy from Toronto named Gary. Very nice guy that shared his travel stories with them. He’s headed out on his adventure on the 11th, one day before Kim and Bern





So, stay tuned folks! Travel day is done and they go on a tour today! Let the adventure officially begin!

Teddy…blogger….back in business 🐶🐶🐶😀

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