Casablanca food…delicious!

Hi folks, while us three furry kids are spending our time at home with John, Kim spent her first full day exploring some of Casablanca.

Bern and Jim were pretty tired from their long travel day, so they slept in until 8 am (which is late for them!), grabbed breakfast at the hotel and went to get a SIM card….can’t be disconnected you know! SIM card and data plan was a whopping $5.56 Canadian….what a bargain!

Back to the hotel to wait for their driver to pick them up for an urban Adventures tour. Kim thought it was called ladies that lunch….she’s not quite right, but it was a lunch…..after they were driven through the crazy traffic of Casablanca, and backtracked to pick up their guide who was stuck in traffic….the guid told them lunch was at his house….huh?!? The lady (one, not ladies) that was doing the cooking had unexpected guests arrive at her house….so she cooked our meal at their guides house. Interesting, but still good. Kim and Bern had an amazing Moroccan celebratory meal….tangine, salad, fruit, pastries and of course mint tea with sugar. Big paws up!

After Bern did some amazing negotiating for a cheap tour tomorrow with their guide (stay tuned), they headed back to the hotel, walked around and went for a beer……you can only drink beer at some places, and you have to stay indoors….no drinking on an outside deck, it’s illegal 😜. Trust kim and Bern, those rebels, to find a place where they can have a drink!

Back to the hotel for a little r and r….i see some more mint tea in the near future.

I think they are going on a religious tour tomorrow…..stay tuned folks

Make today a pawsome day!

Teddy 🐶🐶🐶

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