Casablanca….Mosques, Medinas, mint tea….and pastries of course!

Hi everyone!

Well Kim and Bern survived their nighttime adventure and were ready to go again this morning. They had such a great tour with their guide yesterday, they decided to head out with him today on a religious tour. This tour had its first stop at Hassan 2 Mosque. This is the largest mosque in Africa, and the 5th largest in the world. It’s minaret is the world’s tallest, at 210 metres. It was completed in 1993 and looks over the Atlantic Ocean. 105,000 worshippers can gather together for prayer. It is an amazing, beautiful place. Kim said the guide was very knowledgeable, and she learned a lot about the Muslim religion. Check out these pictures!

Next stop was the Jewish museum. There used to be over 500,000 Jews in Morocco, but it is much less now. The museum was very interesting….. then they went to a Catholic church that had beautiful stained glass windows.

Next stop…time for mint tea and pastries. First they went to a pastry shop….very tiny inside, and very busy…must be good! And it was….they got assortment of sweets and took them to a local cafe where everyone had mint tea. They had a nice spot, overlooking a park across the street, and sitting in the sunshine….Kim said it was perfect!

After tea they continued on to tour the Art Deco district of Casablanca and to the Art Deco museum. Both were very interesting. Then they stopped for lunch at a local spot. Kim had mixed meat ….hmmm…with Moroccan salad and fries. She said it was delicious and only $6….good deal!

Next the Medina….Bern had been looking for a hair brush for three days with no luck, and Kim needed a new suitcase because hers broke on the way to Morocco. They were in luck! Both were found in the Medina.

This was a long day, so they headed to rest up before meeting their intrepid group tonight. There are 11 in their group…from Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain. Kim said it seems like a good group 😀 After their welcome meeting, Kim and Bern went to Ibis…for wine with a few of their group, and then back to the hotel…for…you guessed it mint tea!

They head out on the train to Rabat tomorrow and then on to Meknes…let the adventure begin!

Later folks, Teddy


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