Hanging out in Fez, Morocco

Well, the adventure continues with a long day in Fez…but Kim said it was a great day!

Amina was their guide for the day. The group all jumped in their van and headed out. First stop was a palace….boy was it busy! They couldn’t go inside, but they took a lot of pictures while their guide talked about the history.

They then walked down the street, past the palace into the Jewish quarter. The buildings had a Spanish influence, with balconies on the outside of them. Many people were out today…many tourists.

Thy also stopped at a ceramics collective where Bern tried her hand at making pottery. They both also made a couple of purchases 🙂

And then they headed to the Medina. Thank goodness they had a guide…very narrow passageways with lots of shops. Kim said you could get really get lost in here! They saw the tannery, a unesco site where they still use the traditional ways of preparing and dying leather.

And, of course they stopped for lunch! Kim had the chicken pastille….she said it’s kind of like a chicken pie, covered with phyllo pastry topped with cinnamon and sugar..weird, lol! But she said it was good!


That was a full day! Kim did make a couple of purchases today, some ceramics and some scarves…small things. She said her luggage is already too heavy. Lol


Always be pawsitive

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