Making memories in Midelt, Morocco

Howdy folks…..Kim has been so busy on her Morocco trip, she said she doesn’t know if she is coming or going. She has had so many great experiences, it’s hard to keep track…. she offered to take over the blog for a bit and keep us all up to date. Isn’t that great! Over to you…

Wow! What can I say Teddy? This is a great adventure, and we still have a week to go! Last year, I didn’t think I’d make it here, what with my little heart incident. I’m very blessed to be able to be on this Intrepid trip, Best of Morocco and tour this vast, diverse country.

Last we left off, we were in Fes exploring the city and the Medinas. We were there for 2 days and then headed for the countryside, Midelt was our destination. We are heading south and the terrain is changing, and it’s getting warmer. We have some fairly long days in our minivan, but the days are broken up with stops for mint tea (a staple here), visits to sites, and picnics.

We got up at 9:00 am and headed out….stopping at a local grocery store to stock up for a picnic lunch, and of course an hour later we stopped for tea, some of us had cafe :).

The terrain was very lush, with cedar forests, farmlands and orchards. We stopped at a local spot to see the Barbary Apes, North Africa’s only monkey. The locals take advantage of this touristy spot, setting up small roadside stands to sell their goods….scarfs are a hot seller here 😀

We made it to our guesthouse in Midelt, which is a market town. Our guesthouse was pretty cool….looked like a castle.


Our amazing Intrepid group headed out to walk to a nearby gorge and then through the Berber village of Berrem. Berbers are the indigenous people of North Africa and they made us welcome. We toured the village with our guide, who is also Berber, as he explained about the people and the culture. We enjoyed meeting them, especially the children who followed us and were quick to give us high fives and big smiles!

Dinner was tangine, a staple food here….I think we have had it everyday.

Another amazing day with a great group….Luca from Switzerland, Lisa and Dave from New Zealand, Steve from England, Nicky from Wales, Edwina and Paula from Australia, Wendy and Kate from Australia and of course Kim and Bern from Canada!

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