The Sahara…camels and glamping

Today is camel riding day! This is a part of the tour that I had been looking forward to and it did not disappoint!

We headed out early for the 5 hour drive toward the Sahara Desert. The trip was broken up with stops for tea, a picnic lunch, and lookout views of beautiful oasis. The oasis are amazing….lush greenery in the middle of dry, barren land.


We made it to a local hotel, where we stored our large bags. We could only take a small overnight bag with us, as we were going to be camping overnight. Now, when I heard camping, I was expecting sleeping bags in the ground and a cold night. So we all packed extra jackets, and I packed a toque and mitts….more on this later.

Others warned us that riding a camel was uncomfortable….so I had very low expectations. But, that wasn’t the case….I thought it was more comfortable than riding a horse! However, I later learned it was all dependant on your size of camel, and the saddle it had on it…..most of mine were excellent!

Our first camel ride was to see the sunset. We all got on our camels, and headed out…..we were led out by our camel “jockeys”. They told us our camels didn’t have names….just camel 1 and camel 2…..I named mine Henry :).

We all made our way to the top of a dune to watch the sunset….but didn’t quite make it to sunset. It was so windy, that we left before the end of the day and headed to camp.

Camping turned out to be a very pleasant glamping experience. We all had great twin beds with thick, lush blankets. Once we put our day packs away, we played a mean game of uno, had dinner, and gathered around a b fire for music and African dancing. Such a cool experience!

We had an option the next day for a sunrise camel ride. Most of the group headed out at 6 am and had an amazing time watching the sun come up.

Favorite experience so far!

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