Two nights at Todra Gorge, Morocco

We spent two days at our hotel in Todra Gorge. It was nice to spend some extra time in one spot, and to have some down time as well. It has been a whirlwind, and has not disappointed! This truly is the best of Morocco….very well named trip!


The group had three options for the first morning…a four hour hike that had an elevation gain of 600 metres, a 2 hour hike, or take the minivan and meet up with everyone for lunch in the Berber village and then shopping for Morocco carpets at a cooperative. I was fighting a chest cold, and altitude isn’t my friend, so I spent the morning soaking in the sun, and drove out with the van to meet the group.


The crew had a great morning, and I still had the opportunity to see the gorge. Oh, so many tourists here! The gorge is amazing, and busy!

We had another amazing home cooked meal of soup, Berber “pizza” and seasonal fruits. The oranges are amazing, so fresh and sweet!


Next up, the famous Morocco carpets, at a women’s cooperative. The amount of work that goes into the handicrafts is unbelievable. Many on the tour made one or two purchases, and had them wrapped up and ready to go back home! Prices ranged…the most expensive purchased was 8000 dirham….about $1100 Canadian. No rugs for me….no room at home….I’m only taking a few small things back with me.


We had dinner back at our hotel tonight, and a few of the workers played drums for us, and a mean game of musical chairs broke our…lol! Luca from our group won…bragging rights over the gal from another Italian tour group.

We are off to Ait Benhaddou tomorrow….a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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