All aboard the train! Marrakech

Well folks, Teddy here! Kim and Bern are winding down their intrepid trip in the metropolitan city of Marrakech. They have seen lots of places on their 15 day tour with intrepid and are having a hard time picking their top 10 highlights….more on this later.

In Marrakech, they had mainly free time, and were given lots of ideas for options. The first night they went for dinner at Djamal el Fna, one of the largest public spaces in the world, filled with spice markets, musicians, food and acrobats.

So on day 1 Kim went out with a couple of other gals and headed out for a hot air balloon ride…..something on her bucket list for sure. She said it was a lot of fun. Very peaceful, with views of the countryside and the Atlas Mountains in the background. It was a great way to spend the morning.

Kim met up with Bern and they were off to their next activity…a Hamman and Massage at the Five Elements Spa. Now this was a very interesting bonding experience….lol. Kim was with three other gals on her tour, including Bern. She told me that you should google Hamman….wink wink…..when in Morocco 😉

That night the group had their farewell dinner in the hotel. The meal was great, the parting bittersweet. Some of the group are moving on to more travels, and some are heading home. Everyone reflected on what a great time they had together and the memories they made.

The best takeaway was their guide’s favorite saying “life is meant to be enjoyed”

Oh yeah….and one last local activity. They headed to a shisha bar….hookah anyone? Kim said one was licorice and one was apple. She didn’t try it, but enjoyed the experience!

Tonight she has a final food tour in Marrakech and tomorrow morning she is off to Spain!

Later folks! I’m starting to warm up to John….only took a few weeks! He’s okay, but when is Kim coming home?

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