Essaouira….beautiful coastal town

We spent two nights an Essaouira, a beautiful coastal town on the Atlantic Ocean. This is an old fishing town with sandstone walkways, whitewashed houses, bright blue sky and surrounded by beaches and dunes.

The first morning, we met with a local guide in the lobby of our hotel, which was located in the Medina. It was raining during the tour, but we still enjoyed getting to know more about the history this town and spent some time checking out the Medina. Wood products and silver are the local artisan crafts here. Season 3 of game of thrones was also filmed here, and we toured the spots where the filming happened.

The weather cleared up in the afternoon and we took time to explore the Medina, and bargain at the shops. I purchased a few small things, including a Moroccan teapot…to make mint tea back home.

This town is a photographers dream….beautiful old buildings, old doors, and lots of cats 🙂

Lunch was another amazing local experience. We went to the fish market, bought a bucket of fish, took it to a local grilling spot….where the cooked it for us and served it with bread, and olives. One of the highlights of our trip!

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