Spain: Cathedrals, Tapas, and Picasso?

Howdy folks!  Kim and Dawn had a bit of a lazy day on Monday.  They hopped on the bus around noon and headed to the city of Malaga, with an attraction map in hand!  There took the bus for about an hour and got off at the main terminal.   They headed to the tourism office, picked up another map and headed out to explore.

Firs stop was the Malaga Cathedral….they did an audio tour, climbed up to the rooftop and toured the bishops palace next door.  The cathedral is so big, Kim couldn’t get it all in the picture!

As they wandered down the streets, they saw a lot of street performers…they really enjoyed listening to them, and taking photos of course.   The streets are amazing…all marble

Next stop was their first tapas bar.  Someone from Kim’s intrepid tour recommended it, so they set out using google maps and found it! They had some wine and tapas…a very busy place, they had to sit outside where the table was very high!

Next, they jumped in a cab and went to the Picasso museum.  Kim enjoyed this, because it was unexpected.  They had a lot of his works here….starting with his pieces that seemed more “real” to the ones that Kim was more familiar with…you know, extra eyes and ears ;).  She tried to take a photo inside the museum, but was quickly stopped….so there is no evidence of her visit….but she was there!

there was more to explore, but Kim and Dawn decided to call it a day and took a taxi down to the Marina, where they had a drink and a snack.  Time to head home, and rest up for tomorrow!


Besos y abrazos….that’s Spanish for kisses and hugs!  Teddy ❤️


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