Welcome to Portugal!

Hi everyone!  Well, the countdown is on Kim has only a few days left on her trip until she boards the plane and comes home to Saskatoon….and she is making the most of it.

Yesterday, she and her friends had a long day at the airport.  They flew from Malaga, Spain to Lisbon and then to their final destination…Faro, Portugal.  A driver picked them up at the airport and took them to their condo in Albufiera in the Algarve Region.

After picking up some groceries for breakfast, Kim and Jane headed to a restaurant close by and had their first Portuguese wine, and seafood stew.  They both agreed that it was delicious and it gives Spain’s food a run for its money lol

Today, they continued on their food quest, and went on a cultural, food tour with Eating Algarve tours.  The tour arranged for everyone to be picked up at their hotel…their driver was amazing!  He gave them a lot of information about his hometown of Faro and of Portugal. It was very interesting.

Kim loved this tour, and said it was one of the best food tours she has been on. It was the perfect mix of history, culture, food and wine tastings.  She also took a lot of photographs…..great street art and diverse neighbourhoods.

Kim said the food is amazing…looks pretty awesome to me!

On the tour, they also visited some old churches, many of which are being restored.  Kim thought they were beautiful. One of the  altars was covered in gold leaf, and the restoration was just completed two weeks ago.  The other church featured tiles from the 16th century (the blue and yellow ones) and also from the 18th century (the blue ones).

A church visit isn’t complete without climbing up to the tower to see the storks up close and personal…is it?


And, a visit to the bone cathedral is in order…or is it? Kinda creepyl

Remember when I said Kim took lots of pictures….well, she took lots of pictures.  Everywhere she turned, she saw something new.  And, really, isn’t that the point?  Take a look around…look up, look down, look straight ahead…and it all looks different.  Isn’t it great to get a new perspective?

That was a busy and fun filled day!  The big smile on their guide Johanna’s face says it all….can’t you just tell she loves what she does?



Kim says Portugal is one of her new favorite places.  She only gets to spend a few days here, but she said she will be back, and soon.  Do you think she will take me with her?  I hear there are lots of fish there!


Abracos e beijos (hugs and kisses) ❤️Teddy 💕

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