Prince Edward Island….Bottle houses, light houses, lobster, and kitchen party….oh my!

Howdy folks! Well, they are at it again….no moss grows under my peoples’ feet 😉👍🐶……this was a full day that started out with a great breakfast at Leonhard’s restaurant. They love where they are staying…everything is a quick walk. After having their breakfast, they headed out on a road trip.

Now the road trip didn’t go quite as planned……they wanted to drive the north coastal Shore….but that darn GPS took them on a different path. Oh well….what do you do but make the most of it! They did find some of the highlights of the route though…..

First stop…..the bottle houses. The brochure says “25,000 bottles, 1500 days, One Man’s Dream” hmmmmm…..John said tourist trap, but Kim thought it was cool and a great place for pictures. 😁😎. Edouard Arsenault constructed the bottle houses in the 1970s and was a recycler before everyone else…there are 3 structures there, surrounded by gardens…Next stop…… the MacAusland Woolen Mills in Bloomfield. Kim had seen their blankets last year and wished she would have bought one…so this year she did! They went direct to their factory, which is still family owned since 1932. When they walked in, she was surprised, because they walked right on to the factory floor. Then, up some creaky, wooden steps to the retail space….fun!

Walked right onto the factory floor, cool experience
Kim with her blanket….better price than the stores folks!

Okay, now that she has her wool blanket, it’s time to hit the road! This time they headed to the West Point Lighthouse and Museum. This is PEIs tallest and one of the most unique lighthouses. It was built in 1875 and was manned until 1963…there were 2 light keepers originally, but now it is electronic. Kim, John, and Linda climbed to the top. The inside of the lighthouse is a museum, and the stairs were pretty steep, but they did it!

Posing with their “lighthouse lovers” certificates
Done the trek to the top
At the top

West Point Lighthouse
Red beach

Well folks, the day was getting late and they had to make their way to New Glasgow for the lobster supper……so they only had time for a quick stop at the Great Canadian Soap Company. They make soap from goat milk. Kim stopped here last year and brought some home for her mom Linda… she wanted to show Linda the shop and they wanted to buy a few things. John, of course, wanted to see the goats. Kim said this goat reminded her of Levi, because he loved ear rubs and scratches

No….you can’t take him home. Lol

He looks like the goat version of Levi

Okay, time for supper…..they are eating a lot! Off to New Glasgow for lobster supper…now this is an experience they say you should do in PEI! It looks like a big town hall…all you can eat chowder, buns, mussels, and then you get your main meal , and dessert. Yikes! Kim, John and Eldon ordered lobster and Linda had scallops.

Now, John doesn’t usually like lobster, but he said his was really good, because it was fresh….you don’t get that in Saskatchewan! Somehow they managed to eat it all! Still jealous…..

Have to have a bib!
Show me your mussels!
2 pound lobsters have big claws

Delicious! Time to rush out and head to a kitchen party! This was a highlight and they say you have to go if you are here! A kitchen party is also known as a Ceilidh….music influenced by Scottish, Irish, and Acadian roots. They went to The Ross Family Ceilidh in Clinton. A fiddle, a piano, and a guitar. It was a 2.5 hour show and was so much fun! The family was so talented….they also did step dancing. It was a small crowd in a great setting…..everyone had a great time, clapping along to the upbeat music…..go here folks!

That’s another action packed day! I think there is another food event tomorrow….and maybe some more shopping….surprise, surprise!

Teddy- out…..make today an awesome one. Hugs 🤗

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