Visiting Beautiful Prince Edward Island

Howdy folks!  It’s been a long time since we’ve had something to blog about – but here we go again!  Kim and John are off visiting beautiful PEI.  Kim loved it so much last year when she travelled on her own….. she said 2 days just wasn’t enough.  So this year, Kim and John are going to visit for a week.  Kim’s Mom and Dad are going for a few days too!

They all arrived late Sunday and after settling in to their Air B & B’s in Old Charlottetown, they walked to the Water Prince Restaurant.  Kim was glad that they were able to go here, because she didn’t have time last year.  They settled outside on a picnic bench and ordered their food.  And it was delicious!  I am so jealous because my favourite food is fish and seafood.  Kim and her mom Linda had a bowl of seafood chowder and the scallop dinner.  John and Eldon had a bowl of seafood chowder and the mussels.  John had strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert – of course!  I’m drooling 🙂

The next day Kim and her mom went for coffee at Receivers coffee, just a couple of blocks away and planned out their day. They took off on a road trip to the 70 mile yard sale, out by wood island. They said it was a nice drive, but they didn’t find any treasures….so that was a bit of a bust! They got back, picked up John and dad and headed to the shellfish festival.

They had tickets to “eat the raw bar dry” …..all you can eat oysters on the half shell. They figured out that they needed to eat 20 to get their moneys worth. I think they ate 30 each! John doesn’t usually like oysters….crazy guy! But they were fresh and he said they were delicious. Linda doesn’t like oysters, but she stood in line and filled up her bowl to give to the others….. check it out!

Shellfish festival
Oysters on the half shell

They also saw a few interesting things and people during their afternoon ……. a potato, a politician and a celebrity Chef……all within an hour…..Kim was contemplating who she would vote for. Lol

PEI potato
Andrew Scheer. Conservative party leader
Celebrity chef Michael Smith, Andrew Scheer and his wife
Chef Smith

On the way back to their place, Kim and John stopped by the farmers market….

Kim thought this was funny 😉 did you know a flock of crows is called a murder? I didn’t….learn something new everyday
John loves goats….almost as much as us … 😉

And, to top off their evening, they went to an awesome foodie event. It was a big hit with everyone! Part of the reason Kim planned to come to PEI in September is because their Fall Food Festival is on….she went last year and loved it!

So, this year, they all got tickets to the event in New London…with celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes and Friends…..everyone said it is 5 stars! The food was amazing, the venue was beautiful and Chuck was a cool guy 😎. Only 50 people, so they really got to meet others there, and the hosts. Highly recommended folks! Check it out

Our host Chuck Hughes
Photo bomb
Amazing entertainment
The venue
Appetizer stations were outdoors
Conducting with a bannock stick. Lol
The menu. Delicious!


Well folks , that’s it for their first day! Pretty busy and fun filled….I still hope they bring me back some fish!

Have a pawsome day! Teddy

Resident Blogger and cuddler

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