Feeding giraffes in the desert

Howdy folks! Today Kim and John decided to explore the greater Palm Springs area. Palm Springs is connected, literally to a bunch of other towns…no gap between. After breakfast they headed to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert. This park has 2 main exhibits…Africa and North America. Kim isn’t too sure how she feels about zoos……this one is also a conservation centre, and John wanted to feed the giraffes, so an exception was made. They enjoyed feeding the giraffes…they were pretty amazing Kim said. And, it was a pretty nice place….good educational experiences and the money raised goes back to conservation.

Mexican wolf or littlest hobo?

Road runner beep beep

Check out the size of that tongue

After the zoo, the road trip continued to a date farm….hmmmm….more like a store attached to a farm…no tours to be had here…..but you know how they are….John had a date milkshake and they bought a few date bars. Kim thought they were really good…all natural ingredients…nuts, seeds, dates coconut, pumpkin and no sugar….sounds good to me!

How could I forget? Before they made it to this date store in Thermal, they stopped at the town of Rancho Mirage. A quick stroll down El Paseo Drive, and time for lunch at an Italian place called Piero’s PizzaVino….John said it was really good, and you know he likes his pizza!

They made one more stop in Old Quinta, before heading back to their hotel. Pretty packed day I think! Tomorrow might be a shopping day in the outlet stores….and then more hiking on Sunday. Someone told me they may go to Disneyland on Tuesday….lucky guys!

Levi, Frazier and I are having a good time at Marge’s. She always takes great care of us…we are so lucky 🐶🐶🐶

Later folks! 🤗💗💕❤️

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