Touring Coffee Country Columbia

Well folks, after a quick tour of Bogota, Kim and John hopped on a plane and took a short flight to the city of Pereira. They were picked up at the airport and taken to their hotel in the countryside. They are now in coffee country, where it is very lush and beautiful. There are birds everywhere…Kim said it is surreal.

View from their terrace

The next day their guide arrived at 9:00 and they headed out to explore the region. First step was the Unesco town of Finlandia. A beautiful town with flower fringed balconies and painted walls, doors and window shutters. It has amazing, maintained colonial architecture.

The lush landscape
Graffiti art in Finlandia
Hand painted artisan work…Kim may have bought something.
Unesco site, colonial architecture
Finlandia square

There are a lot of jeeps in this region. Willy’s were donated after the war and became mechanical mules, transporting coffee along the mountainous roads. What took days for transporting, now took hours. They also use the jeeps today as cheap taxis. They saw some restored ones in the towns. Kim said jeeps are cool…she has one you know. She would like the Willy….do they have them in Canada?

Next they stopped for lunch and it was delicious. Trout salmon….that’s a new one for me, and you know I love fish! It was a trout, that was pink like a salmon inside. Before their lunch arrived, they tried a shot of fire water and rum. They aren’t hard liquor drinkers….Kim has that written all over her face. Lol

After lunch, they went and planted a wax palm tree. They said if it survives the first 11 days, it will be transplanted and hopefully in hundreds of years, it will grow like the others in the area….to over 60 meters. Paws crossed. 🐶👍

Nest stop…they went horseback riding in the beautiful Cocora Valley. Kim said this was the best day ever. The scenery was amazing and wax palms over 60 meters tall were all over the hillside. They saw a lot of birds, including vultures, hawks, parakeets and a toucanito… know, a small Toucan 😉

Touring with their guide Sergio


After their tour of the valley, they wrapped up the day with a stop at the town of Salento, another beautiful coffee village.

Arepas….stuffed corn cake with cheese, topped with honey and butter

Award winning coffee
Delicious espresso

Kim took lots of pictures and they stopped to try the Columbian food, at bakeries, coffee shops, fruit shops, and street vendors… surprises here folks!

Pineapple pie
John loves bakeries!

Step 1….Cleanse your palate with water, step 2 drink the espresso, step 3 eat the chocolate
They even convert the Willy to a coffee shop!

Kim and John already say everyone should come to Colombia. The people are amazing, the cities, towns and countryside are incredible, and the food is awesome too! And….they still have 2 weeks to go!

Life is one big adventure. Enjoy your day folks! Stay tuned….

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