Dinos of Drumheller

Hi everyone! Well, here goes, my first blog. This is going to be fun!

We left Saskatoon at 10:30 and headed to our first destination…Drumheller. Now, this is a place where most people pass through on their way to Calgary, but someone told Kim a few years ago that they would come here every year for an extended long weekend….really? Well, Kim and John figured we should check it out, and they were right!

All sunny here in the good ole badlands. We found our air b & b …..we didn’t know what to expect, but it’s pretty good! Dog treats were a surprise! I love treats! And there were human treats too….I may have got some Doritos. Lol, I’m a food hound 🐶 Kim and John like it…it’s pretty big, has a backyard for us kids, and John loves the big surprise….a pinball machine. Lol!

And…..you can walk to the red deer river and the historic downtown….so that’s exactly what we did! Time for a walk!

Wow! This place is full of dinosaurs, they’re everywhere…..you just have to look!

Kim loved their downtown, and we did too! Lots of old charm she says….and music is piped in to speakers by their lampposts, Dino art installations, murals, Adirondack chairs to sit, and cool shops….too bad they were closed for the holiday…. But maybe tomorrow 😉👍

Kim said one of the best things about travel and having no expectations is you stumble onto things. We loved the small Miners Memorial Park dedicated to the coal miners. We learned a bit about the history of this town…

We headed home, had supper…..did I tell you I like to eat? And then headed out for a drive.

Off to the town of Wayne…where the sign said previous population 2450, current population 25 😀. You cross 11 small bridges between Rosedale and Wayne and end up at the Last Chance Saloon. You can stay at the hotel, and there is a pretty cool restaurant beside. Check out where you “saddle right up” for a beer! Lol! It was closed when we got there….but the patio is dog friendly…maybe Kim and John will take us tomorrow?

Well everyone, we have another day here….we will catch ya later!

Freddy Mercury ❤️

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