Drumheller days

Hi folks! Well today was another fun day in Drumheller! I should let you know that I have Kim wrapped around my little paw…..I know that when I whine I get to do stuff 😉👍. So after she fed us breakfast, we went for a 7 am walk. She didn’t mind, because we wandered around downtown and did some window shopping. Molly even stopped to read the writing in the art gallery window….isn’t she smart!

After we came home and John and Kim had their coffee, it was time to hit the road. First stop was Horseshoe Canyon. Kim put the location in her gps and off we went! She thought we must be going the wrong way because it was nothing but farmland for miles around, but all of a sudden there was a canyon in the middle of nowhere. Very amazing….I think it might be a mini Grand Canyon! We went for a walk…don’t tell anyone, Kim and John might have let us run around off leash…..shhhhh…..no one else was there, so I think we are okay. I had lots of fun chasing Molly!

Next stop…horse thief canyon lookout. It was pretty special too! We didn’t go to the bottom this time, just took some photos up top.

Back home….nap time for the kids! Kim and John went for lunch to the whiskey tap and restaurant. They said it was okay…pub food….I’d love it for sure! Then they went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum to see more dinosaurs!

Next stop….they went to pet value to get us chewies…..we are very spoiled! Kim said we deserve it, I think so too!

They also stopped at a local coffee shop…they said it was delicious. Kim had a Carmel latte and John had an espresso with cream and vanilla. You must try this place when you come here.. Black Mountain Roasters😋

And….this is how we finish off an awesome time in Drumheller….jumping for joy. Life is good, sometimes we forget to appreciate all the little things! ❤️ and 😘 Freddy

Watch out Molly…..sneak attack. 💕🐶❤️

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