And we are off! To Golden BC

Hi all! Well today we headed off to our next stop ….Golden BC. We are pretty excited, because Kim told us we are going to the mountains, and we are taking our time! She wasn’t lying, our 4 hour drive was done in about 8 😀. Why rush when you are on vacation? Now I understand what it means to be all about the journey…..

Kim said you can’t leave Drumheller without one last early morning walk. Can you believe this was only a couple of blocks from our Air B&B? Wow! Look at the view. See ya next time Drumheller, we will be back!

First stop….lattes at the local Black Mountain Roasters…Kim and John sure love their coffee😋

We made a pit stop at the Canmore Info Centre, which has an awesome green space for us kids…..then another coffee stop? 😆 Starbucks it is for an Americano and some egg bites…..where to stop for a picnic? Johnson Lake in Banff National Park. We tried to stop at Lake Minnewonka, yikes! Busy….. so we found this other little place and saw some friends along the way! Check out these sheep. We should “herd” them!

Next stop Lake Louise. wow 😮 this is a pretty amazing place! We walked around the lake and spent a couple of hours here. Pretty special I think. We spread the love and joy. Gave lots of people smiles yesterday and saw another Sheltie named Jasper ❤️

Next destination is our cabin just outside Golden. We are staying at Moberly Lodge and we love it! It has everything we need…check it out! More pictures to come…

Well, Kim and John realized at the end of the day that we were pretty restless and needed to burn off some energy, John googled off leash dog park and wouldn’t you know it? Golden has one….yippee! And….here’s where we get to learn a life lesson. You know how sometimes we compare things and say that this is better than that? Well…..the first thing Kim and John thought was, this is definitely not as good as our parks back home……see what I mean?

But, then we realized that all we need is a wide open space, our buddies, our family and maybe a 🎾……how could life get any better than that? Every day there is something to be grateful for….we sometimes just need a new perspective.

Life is pretty great. Have a pawsitive day! We are here for another day, ready to explore! Stay tuned….


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