Yoho ho and a bottle of fun!

Good morning everyone! Yesterday was a fun day! We started a bit later, because Kim was tired and slept in….wow! That’s a new one for her!

We spent the day in Yoho National Park, which is about 50 kms east of here and Kim said one of her favourite places ever! She has been here lots, mostly hiking with her bestie Bern 😉❤️

First stop, the small town of Field BC, where we stopped at an amazing restaurant called Truffle Pig. Us furry kids can’t go in there, but that’s okay, we ordered takeout and sat at a picnic table and enjoyed sharing Kim and John’s food….I know, we are spoiled. I like to think well 🥰. John had the purple burger and Kim had the Mezze platter….. check out the menu….if you are in Field, you have to go here!

And, no trip to Field is complete, Kim says without a stop at her favourite pottery place, the Velvet Antler. The nice man in there let me browse with Kim and gave me some treats! Paws up I say! Kim bought 2 really nice bowls, no surprise there!

Next stop was Takakkaw Falls. Here’s some info from Wikipedia

Takakkaw Falls (/ˈtækəkɔː/; also spelled Takkakaw[1]) is a waterfall located in Yoho National Park, near Field, British Columbia in Canada. The falls have a total height of 373 metres (1,224 ft),[1] making them the second tallest waterfall in Canada.[3][4] The main drop of the waterfall has a height of 254 metres (833 ft).[1]

“Takakkaw” translates to “magnificent” in Cree.[1] The falls are fed by the meltwater of the Daly Glacier, which is part of the Waputik Icefield.[1][2][3][4] The glacier keeps the volume of the falls up during the warm summer months, and they are a tourist attraction, particularly in late spring after the heavy snow melts, when the falls are at peak condition.[4]

Kim and John sure like taking pictures of us! Here we are at the falls, they were cool….wear a jacket 😉

And, off to Emerald Lake. This was amazing…the colours are spectacular….and Miss Molly sure loved going in the water. I don’t think she’s really a Sheltie……Levi and I will put our toes in the water but that’s about it. Except for this time….Levi chased a kayak into the water…..I think he thought it was a bike, because he loves to chase bikes…boy did he get a surprise when he got all wet! Lol

We topped the night off with time at the off leash park. We give golden and area paws up! Today we head to Kamloops….still making our way to Tofino!

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. Ferris Bueller

Freddy @❤️💕

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