Vancouver Island! We have arrived 😘

We made it! After a very long travel day, we made it to Parksville, about 35 minutes from the ferry terminal. After we settled in to our place, Kim and John took us to the off leash. It was good to run around and burn off some energy!

We are staying at a very nice place and have our own cabin. Kim said it’s rustic “chic” …..we love it…there is a big beach here! We especially liked our welcome gift. Molly found it first! A dog dish, some milk bones, and a squeaky tennis ball. You know that I claimed that toy! Lol….I shared though, so this place gets a big paws up from us!

We got up very early in the morning and after breakfast, we were going to go to the dog park, but we checked out the beach here first! Well, what an awesome surprise….it was low tide and we could run on the beach forever! Best dog beach we’ve seen yet! Levi missed out because he slept in….and Kim forgot her camera. Oh oh! You will have to believe us when we say that we saw a crane, geese, and sea otters. We are going again today, so stay tuned for pictures!

Once John and Levi woke up and got ready, we were off! First stop, off leash dog park. This park had lots of huge trees, and I got to do my favourite thing, get Levi to chase me! He’s pretty fast, but I’m faster, or at least sometimes I am.

Next stop, Coombs Country Market…..goats on the roof? This is a cool market….Kim and John got some food and shared 😘😉👍🐶🐶🐶 the best salmon and beef jerky….paws up…go here! John loved the donuts! He got three….didn’t share much though. 😂

Then we went to a Rathtrevor Beach provincial park. We had to be on leash here, but it was still good. We rounded out our day with another off leash park…I know we are spoiled and don’t even know it. Kim said that’s how it should be 💕

We furry kids give the island paws up! Lots of pet friendly things to do. Ain’t life grand! We are exhausted! Lol. It’s a good place to be!

Freddy ❤️👍😘

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