Fun in Parksville and onwards to Tofino

Hi folks! We had an amazing time in Parksville and are going to miss it! But…we are headed to Tofino today and that will be a whole new adventure!

Kim and John said that we will make the best of our morning here in Parksville, and they weren’t kidding! We went out to the beach and it was low tide again. Biggest dog beach ever. Lol! This time John and Levi came with us, and we all had a great time. Kim remembered her camera this time……we saw a crane, sea otters, and some crabs. We walked for a couple of hours. It was great fun…

We headed back, packed up and went out to another off leash dog park. On the way we stopped at the dog treat store, Bosleys. Molly went in and picked out some treats for us. She did a great job! We were pretty slow at the off leash. We were tired from our beach run!

Next…headed to Tofino. There is road construction part way and they shut down the road for a few hours. You have to check the BC Highway website to know when to go.

We did make a pit stop on the way. The Coombs Candy store. They make their own chocolates here …..shhhh….Kim isn’t supposed to have chocolate, but she can cheat once in a while. 😉🐶 . They had a peanut butter bar, coconut bar and a Cuban lunch and of course a coffee. They didn’t share with me, but they gave me some treats! Charlie Bears 😉

Next stop…Tofino! Stay tuned! Looks like we are in for lots of rain!

Have an amazing day everyone!

Freddy ❤️💕. Hey folks! It’s my 7 month birthday today! Where does the time go? Living life to the fullest!

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