A Rainy Day in Tofino

Hi everyone! We had an amazing day in Tofino. We started a bit later today because it was very rainy! It was a good day to sleep in, so that’s what we did!

Kim and John took off around 11:00 and explored the town a bit. You know them, have to get a coffee first, so off to the local coffee shop Rhino for a couple of Americanos 😉 I think John also got a chocolate cream filled donut…he said it was delicious.

These Tofino folks have a good sense of humour I think….check out these signs. Lol

After checking out some shops, Kim and John stopped at the fish store and picked up some fresh mussels and salmon for supper…I can say that it was awesome….because of course they shared the salmon with us.

Next stop for them…a chocolate shop and a takeout place called Wildfire Grill for a tuna burger and fries for John and some fish tacos for Kim. They said it was really good! John shared his fries with us 😉❤️👍

Time to pack up and hit the trails….the rainforest trail in the Pacific Rim Reserve. Lots of big old trees here, cedar I think…. The trail was a bit slippery from the rain, but it was amazing, and the trees smelled fresh!

Next stop? Well, we have to go to the beach, Long Beach! Molly made it to the ocean! We had an amazing time watching the surfers and racing down the beach. There was lots to explore here!

Well folks, we were exhausted and came home to sleep and get ready for tomorrow. I see a couple of hikes and more beach time in our future!

The Question Isn’t ‘What Are We Going To Do?’ The Question Is ‘What Aren’t We Going To Do?’” Ferris Buller.

Freddy 🐶❤️😉

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