Rainy days and sunshine

Well folks we did have one day that was a full on rain day! So, you know what that means…..indoor time and time to recharge! Sometimes there is nothing better than napping the day away, with the windows open, a cool breeze coming in and the fresh rainforest smell. So, that’s what we did! We may have had our fire going inside too! We love the place we are staying….it’s so awesome in fact that Kim and John booked for next year. We say all paws up! Service is great, location is great and there is a pretty sweet beach here too! Here is a link if you want to check it out! http://crystalcove.ca

Kim and John did head out for dinner that rainy night….they are foodies after all! They love to go out for an amazing experience and thanks to Kim’s bestie, they reserved over a month ago and headed to Wolf in the Fog! Wow! They said it was amazing. They shared the oysters for appetizers, Kim had the poke Mexicano and John had the seafood salad with tuna sashimi…..and of course don’t forget desserts….cream puff and roasted strawberry tart. You need to go here! Just make sure to reserve! https://wolfinthefog.com/?v=3e8d115eb4b3

Well, good news folks…..next day the sun came out and of course we had beach day! First stop was Chesterman Beach. We love this beach…lots of sand, lots of surfers, and lots of huge waves….and lots of rugged terrain. Our kind of place! http://www.chestermanbeach.com

Then, we checked out Cox Bay Beach. Huge waves today and lots of surfers too. We all had an amazing time. Check out Levi and me greeting the surfers…lol…we don’t call Levi “California chill” for nothing….lol. I think he may have been a surfer in his past life!

Last night here, so Kim and John headed to their final restaurant called Roar in the cool 70s vibe hotel zed. They said this is a cool spot, everything is cooked over fire. They said they over ordered….lol. Two amazing appetizers, shared fish platter, brisket, and strawberry shortcake. The good thing with over ordering? They brought us home some brisket. This was a great place too! https://roartofino.com

So….a few other gems Kim found that you might want to try….

For smoked salmon….try the dragon fire and maple nuggets here

Dockside smoked fish store

For a charcuterie board


Sad day today…..we start heading back home…. But good news….we are taking our time and will find a few more adventures on the way!

Have an amazing pawsitive day! Freddy, Levi, and Molly! ❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶🐶❤️❤️❤️

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