We have arrived in beautiful Revelstoke BC…..a few updates from along the way

Well folks, it’s a bit sad to say that we have officially left the island, Vancouver Island that is….. but, the good news is, we loved it so much, we are booked for this time next year! Isn’t it fun to look forward to something?

We are taking our time heading back home…..more about that in a bit…

So, on our last day in Tofino, before we headed out to Parksville for the night, we went to Chesterman Beach, our favourite! Shhh….Kim and John let us play off leash and we were well away from people and the ocean, chasing each other…..when something caught my eye. If I’m honest, I’m only 7 months old and lots of things catch my eye! Lol 🤪. There were all of these tiny birds…I think they are sandpipers and boy the chase was on. They were fast flying in the air, back down to the shore….and into the ocean! I’m almost as fast , this was fun! I ran full tilt like top gun down the beach and into the big waves. Kim and John panicked, because, of course, I can’t hear them and I’m too focused! They thought I was a goner a few times because the waves here are huge! There is a reason it’s a popular surfing spot! Well, I think Kim almost had a heart attack running but she finally got me! I was drenched and got a bit of a scolding. We all survived. Wish I could share some pics of me in action! But I only have one of me after!

Now that we all settled down, time to hit the road to Ucluelet and try out a vegan whole food restaurant Kim’s sister told her about called Yayu. Well folks, Kim and John give this thumbs up! Delicious, healthy meals. Kim had the falafel bowl and John had the Pad Thai. Check it out!

Well, time to say good bye to Tofino and Ucluelet and head to our spot in Parksville. We really liked this location and had stayed here on the way down. Pet friendly cabins and we liked exploring the low tide beach in the morning. In case you want to stay….here is the info! https://tigh-na-mara.com/

The next morning, after exploring the beach we headed to departure bay to take the ferry, and then travel to our overnight spot in Kamloops. Kim said next time she will do this differently….it’s too long of a day for us. We arrived 2 hours before departure to ensure we get on the top berth, so they can stay with us, then the ferry ride is almost 2 hours, then 4 hours to Kamloops…..very long…and traffic at horseshoe bay and Vancouver was crazy 🤪

But, we made it! So folks, Kim said we should share things that sometimes aren’t so perfect on our blog, in case people need some help deciding what to do. So, here goes on our stay in Kamloops at pet friendly places….

On the way down we stayed at Coast Hotel. The pros….they accommodated 3 dogs which is awesome! The hotel room was on the main floor, and we could get in through a side entrance….no going through the lobby! And, the restaurant, Romeos is really good! The one con….things get missed, but we think they might have forgot to change a sheet, or some other doggie might have been on the bed……🧐

On the way home, we stayed at a place called Thompson Inn and Manor. The pros…wow! They are on acres of beautiful land with beautiful scenery. We could run and play outside! They allow up to 4 pets per room, very pet friendly and the people were very friendly too! The cons….the room had carpet in it, which is very hard to clean, and the restaurant will do in a pinch….but better to find something in town, if you like food like we do! This place is about 15 minutes east of town, so plan ahead!

Speaking of food, lol! The next morning I went with Kim into town and we picked up breakfast at Hello Toast. Wow! This was amazing…..and I know because Kim bought me, Levi, and Molly the traditional breakfast to share! Kim had the sweet potato bowl and John had the Buddha Bowl….all highly delicious and highly recommended! https://hellotoast.ca/

After a quick run outside on the amazing grounds, we headed out to Revelstoke. We stopped in at an amazing market in Salmon Arm and picked up some groceries and fruit.

We are now in Revelstoke for a few days….it’s beautiful here. Hopefully the rain stays away!

Later everyone!

Freddy, Levi, and Molly ❤️🐶🐶🐶💕

2 thoughts on “We have arrived in beautiful Revelstoke BC…..a few updates from along the way”

  1. Kim, I’m sure you & John are glad to be travelling again with your furry kiddos! I sure missed reading about your travels as well……glad you are back on the road, sharing great travel info & making us all smile as well!
    Stay safe & safe travels 🙂


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