Revelstoke continued….

Hi everyone! When we first set up our trip, we thought 3 days in Revelstoke might be too long, but it looks like we will be coming back. There is still a lot more to explore and see, and do again! The good thing about spending more time, is you can take your time….lol….don’t rush!

After a lazy morning, Kim and John took us to blow off some steam. You know what that means….find a place where we can play with our ball. Molly was very happy to get her zoomies on and chase the ball. Of course, I helped by playing keep away!

Next up….time to get some takeaway lunch and coffees to enjoy at a picnic site. Revelstoke has a lot of great food trucks and this time we stopped at The Far East Bistro. Delicious Pad Thai and veggie bowl! Now, where to eat? We headed to Revelstoke National Park and took the Meadow in the Sky Parkway and stopped at the Monashee lookout. The drive is amazing! It is a very windy and scenic road…about 26 kilometres to the summit. One thing to know though folks, is that dogs aren’t allowed all the way to the top. We can only go to about the 18 km mark…..too many bears on the last stretch!

After lunch we walked a really beautiful trail called inspiration woods. It’s really easy, about 3 kilometres. We had the trail mostly to ourselves and Kim let us get out some zoomies….not too worry, we were right back on the leash. Kim and John didn’t want us to bring back any bears. Lol

Well, it was an amazing day and we will miss this place….but something tells me that we will be back. Today we head to storm mountain lodge for a couple of nights and we get to see our friends from Calgary. Paws up to that!

Hugs and puppy kisses! 🐶🐶🐶❤️❤️❤️🥰😘 Freddy, Molly, Levi

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