Frazier…loved and missed…January 2021

Frazier is my brother! We will both be 9 in May 2018. Frazier joined my people as a puppy and I joined 2 years later – we were reunited….cue music!

Frazier is braver than me with new people and new things, so he helps me out sometimes. He also thinks he is the boss of me! But that’s okay, I don’t like to be the boss.

Frazier loves to play with toys, loves to go for walks and I think he might like food more than me! He eats things I wouldn’t touch like fruit and veggies – yuck!

Frazier loves everyone, just takes a while for him to warm up (Kim says he’s a typical Sheltie – a little stand offish at first, but give him some time… it’s quicker if you have a cookie for him – but he’s a shark – watch your fingers ;))

Frazier loves to go for walks to see some buddies and I think he wants to live in the Arctic – he’ll sleep outside in the wintertime – I think he’s crazy – I’d rather be inside on the couch.

Frazier has lots of nicknames – Fraz, Fraz; Frazier Feet, but my favourite is the “Fun Police” – don’t have too much fun, or he will come and tune us in!

There he is on the right – at one of our favourite places, Whitecap Dog Park in Saskatoon.


Grasslands National Park